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The bedroom is one of our favorite places in our homes. It is often overlooked as a place to invest money and care in choosing, both for style and comfort. Every person is different in what their needs will be for their bed and every home is different in what type of bed best fits the overall look. Furniture Source International has a number of beds that will make your sleeping, lounging, and relaxing time even more enjoyable.

Purpose of the Bed

Obviously, the purpose of your bed is for sleeping, but many people spend time in their bed doing other activities as well. From watching a favorite show to reading to working to hanging out with the kids, a bed is much more than a place to get your much-needed rest at the end of the day. This is a very personal decision and you should evaluate what your needs are before stepping foot into our showroom store. Some people use their room and bed as a private sanctuary and want to keep it as a relaxing space. Other people want Saturday mornings with kids piled in bed, drinking coffee, and watching cartoons together. By thinking about your wants, you will begin to eliminate certain choices from the start.

Size of the Bed

These decisions lead right into choosing the size of the bed. Choosing the size of the bed will vary, especially depending on if it is a bed for your own use, for a guest room, or a child’s room. Families who want time to watch a movie together may opt for a king-sized bed off the bat. Many couples will want that extra space, too. Some guest rooms will only accommodate a full-sized bed. Families may also look at a full-sized bed for a small child, doubling it as a guest room when visitors come. If you are looking to upgrade from a queen to a king-sized bed, make sure the room will work for this larger footprint, leaving plenty of room for walkways, closet door openings, and nightstands. Another size aspect to consider is height if you are looking for a four-poster bed or bed with a canopy-style design. You will want to ensure you have clearance from your ceiling and the all-important in the south ceiling fan that keeps our nights cool.

Style of the Bed

Now that you have thought of your needs and the size of the bed you need, it is time to dig into the style. From wrought iron to reclaimed wood, materials are just the start of what you can choose for your new bed. From there, considering different types of headboards, like an upholstered headboard with nailhead detailing or reclaimed wood that is refined and smooth, the look of the beds at Furniture Source International can meet any aesthetic need.

All the Extras

In addition to the style of the bed, you may want to freshen up the rest of the room too. Anchoring the bed with a rug can make your room feel more complete and your feet nice and warm on colder nights when you have to get out of bed. Throw pillows are nice to change a neutral look quickly with a pop of color or a new print. Using end tables as a nightstand can offer a slimmer design choice, and you can mix and match with dressers or hutches available from our showroom floor.

Our Furniture Source International Team can help you look at our bed choices and all the extras with a visit to our College Station location. By mixing and matching furniture with new colors and textures you can create a look that is all your own and will make your bed, and bedroom, exactly what you want it to be. Come see us, today.