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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Our leaders at Furniture Source International give a lot of thought and care to every item we place in our inventory or on our showroom floor. We are committed to choosing items we would want in our own homes or gifts we would delight in giving to others. Multiple factors are always at play in our decision-making process, but quality rises above all others. The desire for quality carries over beyond the structural components of a piece into other aspects as well. Our patio furniture is no exception, with each line we choose having factors that will make the purchases a long-lasting part of your relaxation or entertainment for years to come.


A challenge in many parts of the country, especially in high humidity spots, goes beyond trying to decide how to stay cool on sweltering evenings. While we always recommend a drink in one of our glasses, possibly topped with Puro Verde Tequila, this doesn’t help the eventual weathering your patio may experience. You may be likely to give up on your patio all together or to choose a cheaper plastic item, feeling you will simply repurchase multiple times. With this in mind, we select materials, from umbrella fabric to powder coated aluminum to recycled poly lumber that will hinder the growth of mold and has the ability to be easily cleaned. Some of the materials we choose feature fabrics or components that are color customizable to make sure your patio has the exact depth and warmth you are seeking. 

Extra Features

A patio can be as much of an extension of one’s home as a homeowner wants it to be and we have items that will make your outdoor space truly livable. Some of our umbrellas feature built in light strips to allow for the glow of warm light to accompany your post sunset meal or gathering. We know flexibility is crucial to shading or chasing the sun, depending on your purpose, so we have items, like umbrellas with 360-degree rotation and can tilt to meet your needs. We know homeowners want to use their space beyond a few months a year and may choose a fire pit to add aesthetic appeal, ambiance, or warmth when needed outside. We have a number to choose from, both stand alone and built into a few of our pieces. 


Our thoughtfulness in choosing pieces goes beyond what we may enjoy, but also exists in the eco-consciousness we try to have. We take pride in carrying a line that is made from compressed plastic waste into a recycled poly lumber. The stylish furniture is often mistaken for being made of a different material because it is so well made and very comfortable for sitting and dining. Additionally, when we choose materials that are well made and durable, we provide the opportunity for eco-consciousness, by eliminating the need to discard and replace items because they break or are ruined by the elements. Our products are designed and created to be long lasting, either in your own home or to be passed along to others to enjoy in their living space. 

If you are looking to build and outfit your outdoor space, either to enjoy today or to look forward to group gatherings and social events in the near future, contact us today. We at Furniture Source International can help guide you through purchases with a virtual consultation and shopping opportunity. We look forward to making your outdoor space perfect for you, so contact us today.