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The sound of children laughing and playing in a sprinkler, hair dripping water as they run over for a drink and beg for a popsicle. The smell of dinner prepared nearby, meat and vegetables gaining perfect grill marks. All around, color and textures change as the hanging sun falls lower in the sky. Time with those you love, memories being made in the simple aspects of being outside, together. Furniture Source International knows that the extension of a home can easily go through the backdoor to y...
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The dining room can be one of the most used or the most underutilized rooms of the house. There are families who set the room and use it as an extension of storage or laundry folding and other families leave the room empty, not quite sure what the space should be or what it should look like. The dining room doesn’t have to be a source of frustration or stress; in fact, it can quickly become one of the most loved rooms in your home because of the memories and gatherings that can take place there...
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