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Refresh for the New Year

Beginnings can motivate us to do a number of things, whether it is setting new fitness goals, resolutions, or purging out what we don’t need. Refreshing our lives and our homes for the new year can be a great way to reflect on the past and look forward to the months ahead. Our team at Furniture Source International is poised to help you find exactly what your home and lifestyle needs for a fresh new year.

Evaluating Your Needs

As you look to completing a new year’s refresh or an early spring cleaning, evaluate what your needs are. If you have clutter that your family needs, like shoes, blankets, and backpacks, seeking out storage pieces for common areas of your home can help every item have a place. If you want to clear out a space for working from home, getting rid of old items and treating yourself to a table and chair can provide motivation for new work goals. While you might enjoy a picture in a magazine or a design seen on a show, it may not be what is best for your space. Taking time to get rid of excess and to evaluate what your needs are, while thinking about dimensions and accessibility, you can choose a piece of furniture that enhances your life. Every home is different and every family’s needs are just as unique, but the pieces at Furniture Source International combine classically unique aesthetics with the versatility our homes need.

Benefits of Furniture Source International

We have a hand in much of the furniture we carry on our showroom floor. We want to sell items that are beautiful, one of a kind, and useful. So we are thoughtful about what might be functional within the design process. Some of our shelved items have notches built in to allow for quick alterations to function better for your needs. Our leather furniture is of the highest quality so the more it is used, by you and your guests, the better it will look and feel. Most of the furniture pieces we carry can be used in multiple rooms of your home, as your needs change you can adjust the function of your new items from us.

Tent Sale

Just like you are looking to find new choices and new spaces in your existing homes, we are looking to refresh our showroom floor. As we explore the world, we discover new designs and techniques we want to try within our factories or enjoy in our partnerships with new companies, our showroom rotates to make room. Our tent sale allows us to find new homes for items that are still some of our favorites. Due to our constant focus on classic lines, quality materials, and versatile use of many of our pieces of furniture there is never an item that goes out of style. The tent sale provides an opportunity for these items, a last of its kind or a piece left out of a set, to be highlighted and inspire you. Our staff at Furniture Source International can help show you the versatility these items have and the style choices that make each unique.

To see more of our showroom inventory, to explore the hundreds of options we carry, or to ask about a custom piece, come visit our showroom floor today. We can help you fill your home with pieces you will use and love for years to come. Come see us or contact us today.