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Set Up Your Summer Party for Success

It would be a challenge for us to say what the most important part of summertime entertaining may be, but we know that in a list, dining and libations would be fairly high on the list. While many may think of Furniture Source International as being a place for their new dining or patio set, which we would be happy to help you select for your space, we also have a number of finishing touches that would elevate your dining with family, friends, and those you love.


Our team has carefully selected different groups to partner with, including those who make the dishes we carry. We love the simple elegance of the dishes, no matter the brand, their neutral colors allow for your favorite napkins, table linens, or the bright colors of your food to stand out. The dishes are exceptionally versatile, with the hand forged enamel ware able to withstand the heat of your oven, keeping your side dishes warm while you finish the last few parts of your meal on the grill. Platters to carry everything out can make your life easier as well.



More than drinkware, Furniture Source International carries an abundance of barware to make sure every drink, from traditional sweet tea to Long Island Iced Tea is made perfectly for anyone at the grill, sitting at their favorite spot, or chasing after the kids. Ice buckets are always needed to have extra on hand for making a few rounds of beverages. Just like every drink is a little different, the perfect glass may be a little different as well. Our shelves are filled with choices, from long stemware to larger glasses ready to be held for a while. For larger gatherings and get togethers, or simply long nights that may need a few rounds, we have pitchers, carafes, and drink dispensers that will hold the drink of choice.


Everything Else

Whether it is a new tiered platter to display your favorite appetizers or a wine key to replace the favorite one you lost, our showroom has many of these items that you may need, or even want. From items that are completely unique and focused on decorating your space to items that serve a function as well, our team can help you see what we can help you take home. For extra ambience, you may choose a selection of our hand poured candles. For an extra special touch in your beverages, you may choose our own Puro Verde Organic Tequila that will bring a smooth finish with every sip.


Make a list of what your outdoor gathering needs and head over to our showroom. We have tables and bars set up to help you see what your space may look like and we can help you choose the perfect items. Come see us today!