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Brand Spotlight: Breezesta

Care is a word we use in a number of ways at Furniture Source International. We care for the furniture we design and build from reclaimed and solid wood. We care for the environment in our effort to be thoughtful about the materials we select. We care for each customer who walks through our doors or browses through our catalog as they pick the perfect item. And we care for the companies we partner with to meet all of our customers’ needs. Partnering with Breezesta feels like an extension of this care, in their designs, their creations, and in their thoughtfulness.


The time spent on your patio can vary greatly, but Breezesta has a number of options, each providing choice paired with comfort and functionality. The furniture comes in a number of designs, including Adirondack chairs, dining, chaise lounges, and benches. While providing stability and comfort for long-lasting lounging and relaxing, the furniture also features curved edges for a pleasing, softer appearance and feel. Breezesta offers rich and vibrant colors, in many choices, to match or contrast depending on your own tastes. Whether you are looking for something to blend in with your landscaping or make an eye-catching statement, one of our colors is right for you.


Enjoying the space you create outdoors can mean so many things to different people, but having something that is easy to care for is a priority to maximize the level of enjoyment. The Breezesta brand is maintenance-free and has ultraviolet stabilizers to keep the beautiful colors you choose intact. Due to the quality of pigments and design, you can purchase additional items in later years without the concern that the colors won’t match due to fading and wear and tear. Their steadfast belief in their product comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that your choice will be one you can enjoy for months and years to come rather than choosing something new every season. The materials are mold and mildew resistant decreasing the amount of time you spend cleaning and preparing your outdoor space for pleasure as well.


We love to show off the Breezesta furniture before we explain the eco-friendly materials that are used in building. Gathering their feedback on the comfort, the versatility, and the ways they envision using the furniture in their own space is enhanced when we explain that the pieces are made from recycled milk jugs and water bottles. By utilizing this seemingly never-ending resource, we take excess waste, use less space in landfills, and provide a stylish choice for our customers to enjoy in their outdoor space. Whether you are looking to make an eco-conscious decision or not, the Breezesta furniture line is a contender for a large number of our family, friends, and customers who come into our showroom.

To explore more about this furniture or to see what else we have to round out your outdoor space, come visit our showroom. We can help you learn about the offerings Breezesta has or help you search for a different item entirely. We have plenty for you to look at and our care shows in a number of ways.