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D.V. Kap Pillows

We appreciate our ongoing presence at High Point Market more and more each year. Not only are we able to showcase the furniture we design, create, and procure, but we learn more about the industry, trends, and groups we want to partner with while there. D.V. Kap has been one of those partnerships and we are excited to carry their pillows in our showroom floor.


Creating beautiful furniture is one of the core parts of Furniture Source International. However, making that beautiful furniture function has been just as important. D.V. Kap understands this, which is why their pillows have a seamless zippered cover to allow for easy care and maintenance. With an eye on new trends and ways to blend colors together, new shades, hues, and patterns appear on a regular basis keeping their line fresh, while maintaining a timeless sophistication.


D.V. Kap pillows are all handcrafted in the United States. The care poured into each pillow made is evident with how long it retains its shape and look. There are prints and colors to match every room of your home or design dream you have in mind. Further, many of their designs have a few coordinating options to mix and match throughout your room or home. Because of the beautiful designs and textures, D.V. Kap pillows are a perfect accent to pieces from our showroom floor. Our chairs, couches, and beds can be dressed up or changed seasonally with a new pop of color or additional pattern you discover.

D.V. Kap offers pillows and materials for both interior and exterior settings, meaning your patio can be just as gorgeous and comfortable as your living room. Every pillow can easily be spot cleaned and the insert liner will help protect the down filling from being damaged if a spill or mess occurs.


For the interior of the pillow, each insert is 100% down filled with all-natural wild feathers. The quality of wild feathers allows for a fuller and luxurious feel. By using wild feathers, D.V. Kap is also working for more ethical and sustainable sourcing of their materials. Each insert cover is made from 100% cotton and ensures no feathers poke through or get lost with use over time.

The exterior material is sourced from mills around the world. The designers at D.V. Kap are highly selective, working to pair beautiful fabric with high quality. For each of these pillows, the two go hand in hand. While color and pattern is important, texture is a large consideration as each material is chosen. Texture can bring more depth to a room’s design, even in something as small as a pillow or two. From stripes to geometric designs, from solid woven fabric to solid faux fur, every taste can find something they will love for their home.

To see the D.V. Kap pillows, come see our showroom today. We have a portion of the store dedicated to some of our favorites, but also have a selection spread out on different pieces of furniture to help you see how they might look in your home. Our showroom is open for you to enjoy.