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The chill of winter is behind us and, in addition to your spring cleaning and summer vacation planning, you may need to freshen up your home with something new. Whether you are looking for a few small pieces to add a little springtime joy or looking to redecorate an entire space with new colors, textures, and materials, our Furniture Source International team is ready to help you pick and choose your favorites. We have been busy adding inspired spring décor and know you will find something you love, once you decide where to start.


Pastels, springtime shades, and lighter hues in general are more suited for spring than the heavier colors we see in the fall and winter. You don’t have to choose traditional jellybean colors either, if pinks and purples aren’t your favorite style. Sage and mint green, buttery yellows, and soft periwinkle blues are perfect for adding springtime colors to your home. You can add colors in with new pillows, floral arrangements, throw blankets, or even a new set of wall décor that you can rotate into existing frames.

Florals and Greenery

While you may choose patterns for the textiles in your home, and a floral or patterned accent can certainly help your favorite shades pop, florals and greenery is meant in the most literal way. By bringing in real plants or high-quality fake plants, flowers, and arrangements, you will welcome spring into your entire home. You can vary the containers for your plants as well, from traditional vases to pitchers to other containers that match or compliment your existing décor.

Bringing in Light

Decorating with light is a beautiful and warm way to add to your home. White or light metal lanterns can serve as décor and as candle holders. Pedestal candle holders in different heights are perfect clustered on a mantle, in the middle of a dining room table, or in your entry way. Choosing new, springtime scents of our own hand poured candles bring in light and a wonderful aroma as you live your life in your home. Even glass elements like vases, mirrors, or other decorative objects, which reflect light, can bring in this element.


By switching materials over to lighter shades and colors, you will lighten your space up significantly for the spring. Rope, in rugs and baskets, adds textures and the lighter color you are working to achieve. Wood, in lighter colors or with a lighter wash of paint, also brightens the space. You may not be able to switch all of your furniture but choosing a few select pieces in strategic places can achieve a lot. Jugs, stoneware, and vases in natural or earthen tones are other great ideas.

Take a walk through your home and decide what you need to spruce up for spring, then come take a walk through our showroom for unique and one-of-a-kind items. Don’t forget to include any hostess gifts or basket stuffers you may need as well. If you aren’t sure what you might be looking for, our Furniture Source International team can help.