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From Showroom to Your Room: Dining Room

The dining room can be one of the most used or the most underutilized rooms of the house. There are families who set the room and use it as an extension of storage or laundry folding and other families leave the room empty, not quite sure what the space should be or what it should look like. The dining room doesn’t have to be a source of frustration or stress; in fact, it can quickly become one of the most loved rooms in your home because of the memories and gatherings that can take place there. Furniture Source International wants to recover the dining room as a vital part of every home and help people gather for fellowship and nourishment.


A dining room traditionally has a table and chairs, but the layout or appearance of the table and chairs is entirely up to you. While you may be limited to the space of an existing dining room, our showroom has a number of different styles with different scales to provide a variety of choice. Additionally, while we may pair a certain set of chairs with a table, we enjoy seeing someone mix and match different chairs and tables together to provide a look that is truly their own. With additional time allowed, we can even design something to be perfectly tailored to your vision, if our showroom pieces need a small tweak or alteration to fit your needs. 


Storage is a wonderful part of a dining room and may not be limited to a sideboard or buffet. Larger rooms can house one of our substantial pieces to allow for beloved china, special serving platters, and other dining items to be stored. Some of these pieces are well balanced to include a few exposed shelves to display your favorite pieces or other décor. If your space is more limited, choosing a sideboard or, in some cases, a dresser may work, and can still offer some storage, especially for linens and kitchen accessories. With a variety of reclaimed wood, which has been treated, polished, and honed, paired with different hardware to provide a classic piece with modern touches, any of these pieces of furniture will be an heirloom you can use and love for generations. 


A great deal of people may be hesitant to decorate their dining room or to use it regularly because a perceived image of this space needing to be formal or stuffy. While a formal dining room certainly has perks and can be created from our showroom floor, if that doesn’t meet the needs of how you dine or entertain, then adjustments should be made so you and your potential guests can feel comfortable in your space. A dining room only has one requirement, that dining is taking place there, so looking for interesting textures, mixing and matching different pieces, or making a room comfortable for meals to extend into the evening as people linger around the table is perfectly acceptable and encouraged. By visiting our showroom in person, with basic measurements, layout, and desires in mind, we can help fill a room to meet your needs. 

To prepare your dining room for your next gathering or to provide it with a desperately needed refresh, come see our showroom today. We can provide a new table or even start with a few small items including tea towels, drink sets, or the tequila to toast your meal with. We look forward to helping put the finishing touches on your dining room.