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From Showroom to Your Room - Living Room

Furniture Source | 20 Nov, 2019 | Living Room | Return|

With the exception of appliances, we think it is certainly possible to furnish one’s entire home with pieces from our retail store! And, outside of our own family and many of our colleagues who truly have done this, we love to see how our customers personalize their homes with our pieces. One of our favorite rooms is often the most communal space in the home, the living room. An important space for many, one study from showed that Americans value their living room with 28.1% choosing the living room as their top choice space in the home. The living room is a place to gather, to relax, to entertain, and to play, so each living room is as different as the family in them.


Choices in Seating

We offer many seating options that help make it easy to find the right seating for your living room. From size to finish to covering to structure, we provide options to suit everyone’s tastes. For individuals looking to add a piece or two to existing furniture, we have accent armchairs and rockers. For families seeking a larger sectional, there are several choices to assess. There are options for motion, with controls being hidden in the furniture to maintain a quality look with functional comfort. Our Italian leather furniture is a luxurious choice for those with and without families, which many are surprised to hear. Our leather takes wear especially well, developing more warmth with everyday use. In regards to our upholstered furniture we have several options, from what we have in our showroom each time you stop by to quick ship options based on a choice selection of frames and fabrics to fully customizable pieces for those with a preference to wait for a specific combination. 

Storage in Abundance

We also delight in providing storage options for one of the most active rooms in the home. A living room typically has a number of storage needs. Hiding a television and other electronic components, storage for toys, displaying photographs and sentimental objects, and hiding some of the clutter everyone seems to accumulate could drive storage needs. Large wall units could check the list for each of these needs and every one of our units has customizable shelving to change as you need it. Our wall units come in a variety of depths and heights and have an aesthetic that will transition well between multiple rooms in your home if you desire. Storage can also be found in our coffee tables, end tables, consoles and other smaller pieces. We build items that are functional, versatile, and beautiful to meet every need a home may have. These pieces are all polished from reclaimed wood, with developed character, color, and warmth. The hardware is unique to our pieces alone.

Finishing Touches

Pieces of art for your walls, interesting and found objects, storage for smaller display items, and even books can provide the last touches a living room may need. These last details turn your configuration of furniture into a multifaceted room where conversation, visiting, and relaxation can take place. When we procure items for our showroom, we think about what we may want in our own homes, whether it’s a set of old magnifying glasses or wood brick molds. Every individual is drawn to different things, so we try to display a variety and love to see what our clients and friends are drawn to when they enter our store. The ways people are drawn to these accent pieces, whether it is a pillow with a bright pattern or framed antique inspired prints, will be replicated in people’s homes. We also favor the notion there is something for everyone in our showroom and that is evident when they see these finishing touches. 

To see if there is a piece to bring home for your living room, visit our showroom today. We can show you around or let you explore at your leisure, as you take in the different options we have of all sizes.