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How to Give Your Home a Refresh

We have blinked and another holiday season has passed us by. After getting out the delivery boxes, packing away decor, and finding a new place for all those gifts, your home may still look a little tired after such a whirlwind. We love to refresh our spaces at Furniture Source International and have tips to make your space fresh and clean as well.

1. Purge everything. Maybe everything is too strong of a word unless you are truly looking for the chance to go for a shopping spree on our showroom floor to buy all your favorite things. That said, you do need to go through and purge old items you don’t use, broken or worn-out furniture beyond repair, and knickknacks and gifts that simply aren’t your style. While you are at it, open your windows and let some fresh air in on the days when the weather is great.

2. Find a home. While some of our friends and family may be searching for a new home, everyone needs to find space in their existing houses for the items they have. By choosing a designated spot to return odds and ends and everyday needs, your home will begin to look fresh immediately. This will also help you to feel more likely to tidy, keeping it looking fresh for longer. If you are lacking for storage, consider baskets or wooden boxes for small items. Hutches, sideboards, and nightstands can serve dual purposes and provide beautiful and adjustable storage as well. If you come in with measurements and an idea of what you may like, we can show you what we have to fit your needs.

3. Rearrange. If you have a piece of furniture you love, but it doesn’t go well in the room you bought it for, it doesn’t make sense to leave it there. It won’t get better with time, and you may find yourself more irritated with a piece that could work perfectly in another space. It doesn’t matter if the design is more traditionally suited for one room or another, your home is what you make of it, even physically. While you are rearranging, decide if you need to choose a new rug, a few throw pillows, or a set of serving dishes from our showroom to compliment your fresh space.

4. Little details. To help an existing space feel fresh, don’t forget the little details that help your home come to life. A freshly lit candle from our store in your favorite scent helps fill the senses. Building textures into your design with patterns, combinations of wood, fabric, woven material, and metal, and using coordinating colors will help the eye travel around the room so it doesn’t linger in any one spot.

5. Lighten up. You could be lightening up your space with brighter colors as we move into warmer months, but you can also lighten up your space with new lighting fixtures. Consider adding lighting or increasing the amount of lighting you have in dark and dim parts of your home. By looking at pieces with glass and metal elements, you can even watch the light reflect through your home with some of our furniture, wall hangings, and even our bar ware.

To begin freshening up your space, clean out your old items then come see us at Furniture Source International. We have a number of ways to help you transform your room, entire home, patio, or office space. By ambling through as we freshen up our showroom by rearranging and adjusting, you are sure to find something that works for you.