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How to Style Your Entryway

For many homes, the entryway serves multiple purposes. From the first impression guests get to a place where conversation can linger far beyond our first goodbyes, the entryway is a space of transition. Whether coming or going, this often overlooked part of the home can serve a number of purposes and functions, as well as being a gorgeous place for you to style. With so many options at Furniture Source International, in regards to pieces, scale, and design, our team can help you in making your entryway standout.


While we may not say that lighting is most important in the entryway because lighting is a vital aspect to any room in the home, we will say that lighting is an afterthought in many spaces. Lighting will not only provide function in being able to see where you are going, anything you are looking for, and brightening up the space in an aesthetic way. Your guests will automatically feel more invited and welcome into your home and any other furniture or décor in the entryway will look better as well. Furniture Source International has lighting fixtures that you can work with your local electrician to wire and put into place. These iron or glass pieces will provide light and make a statement for your home.

Landing Spot

At the bare minimum, having a piece of furniture poised to collect all the things we have in our hands when we walk in and out the door is needed. A place to set keys, sift through mail, and house a purse or wallet can provide peace of mind as you always know where these things are. The scale of side table, hutch, or other piece you may want to consider will be dependent on the space, but we have options of many sizes and designs. These heirloom pieces are designed to be versatile, functional, and beautiful and can transition well to other parts of your home as your needs change. Adding a basket or glass bowl on top of one of these surfaces can be a gorgeous way to provide a safe space for keys. 


Just like the homes themselves, every entryway is unique. This applies to the footprint of the space as well. For entryways that are larger, having seating can be an extra touch of luxury that allows for family and friends to take on or put off shoes or even to provide a cozy nook for looking through the mail brought it. While you wouldn’t want to overwhelm the space with a large couch, we have a number of chairs that are perfectly sized, in variety of upholstery colors and patterns to lend beauty to your home. A bench with throw pillows you can switch depending on the season may work well for your space as well. Depending on your design, you may consider two dining style chairs with a small table between them. 

Little Touches

Now that the function of your space is set, adding little touches tells your guests a bit about yourself when they come in or makes you feel at home every time you come back. Flowers in a vase or a woven rug can bring color into the design. Baskets, crates, or other storage solutions can be functional and, depending on the material, provide texture to carry the eye and build depth into the look of your space. A mirror, if not too large, can be a perfect spot for last minute touch ups before you head out the door and can make the room appear larger if needed. Depending on the layout of your home, this space could also double as a coffee spot or bar to make your favorite beverages any time of day.

Take a few pictures of your entryway, write down measurements, and head in to see our team at Furniture Source International today. We can help find the perfect items to style your entryway or help you design something custom for your space.