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Perfect Gifts for the Mother In Your Life

There aren’t enough words we could use to convey the special place mothers have in our lives. From cuddles when we get hurt to special treats made just for us, from helping us with homework to guiding us through heartache, from the very first moments of life until the very last, our mothers are core to much of what we do. Whether you are looking to celebrate mothers on a specific day like Mother’s Day or you want to honor the mothers in your life at any time, Furniture Source International has something to brighten her day.

Patio Accessories- While not every mom loves the great outdoors, many at least enjoy time outside watching little ones play or having a drink with their friends. Whether she needs a new Adirondack chair or an umbrella to shade her from the sun, there are several hues and styles to choose from, making the space perfect for her.

Pottery- There is a certain percentage of women who are talented and skilled at helping plants grow. For those that are, and maybe even those who aren’t but long to be, a new plant in a beautiful new piece of outdoor pottery might be the perfect gift. Even the most novice gardener may enjoy a hearty plant or a new herb to tend to in one of our glazed planters.

Candles- Whether creating the ambiance for a leisurely bath or adding warmth to a favorite room, our jarred candles add the extra touch to make a regular moment extra special. Our signature candles are hand-poured and are made from an alternative wax; hand-poured in a glass jar topped with a wooden lid. Once the candle burns it, a beautiful jar remains!

Bed Linens- What better way to encourage Mom to relax than to treat her to new bedding to lay in each night? Our selection is made of classic, solid colors and is premium quality to provide the comfort and luxury she needs to recharge.

Pillows- Along the same lines as bed linens, a pillow or two for Mom’s favorite spot on the couch or to accent her new bedding is the perfect way to provide extra comfort along with a pop of her favorite color to the room. For the mom that loves seasonal décor, you could even pick out a few in different colors for her to rotate with her other items.

Perfume- A perfume is a great gift because it is truly for the person you will give it to. Every woman is unique, as are the perfumes they wear. Our Tocca fragrances can provide the warmth, the allure, or the sophistication she is looking for.

Traditional Gifts- From purses to hand towels to kitchen accessories to framed art, we have an abundant selection. Barware, drinkware, and kitchenware are some of our favorite choices for moms as they nourish themselves and their loved ones. Other choices can be found tucked away throughout our showroom as you search for the perfect item.

Gift Certificates- We understand that it can be stressful to pick out the perfect gift for your mom. You want this to be something special that she will cherish and feel appreciated in receiving. If you simply aren’t sure, we can help you with a gift certificate for her to use to pick out something she will love. Sometimes the trip to do something focused on her actually makes the day even more special.

Furniture- It goes without saying that we have furniture to suit every need and taste. Maybe a new chair for the mom who loves to read or a sideboard for the mom who loves to entertain would be a way to gift something that is lasting and versatile.

Many of us are moms ourselves and would love to help you pick out the perfect gift for your mom, the mom of your kids, or a mom you want to honor in some way. Moms have been working extensively lately, just as they always do, and we want to help them feel loved, cherished, and honored. To see more of what may work for you to gift, come see us or contact us today.