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Being thoughtful about our furniture is vital to the team at Furniture Source International. We are deliberate and careful about every piece we design, create, and procure for our showroom floor. This thoughtfulness carries over to the brands we choose to partner with. To complete our showroom floor and offer anything a family may need to fill their home, inside and out, we had to look beyond our company’s abilities and work with other groups like ours, especially when looking at the pieces you...
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Different regions of the country argue over their claim to having the most pleasant outdoor weather, with some fighting in favor of summer months, others contending fall and spring are the best, and still others saying their outdoor spaces are comfortable no matter what month it is. While Furniture Source International isn’t going to weigh in on the regional question, we are going to stand firm in our love of outdoor time, on patios and decks, wherever you call home. One of the reasons we love ...
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