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Tips for Decorating Your Home for the Summer

While we love our fair share of pumpkins and gourds during the fall and anticipate when we can start flocking the Christmas tree for winter, our Furniture Source International family is just as thrilled when summertime rolls around for decor. An often-overlooked time of year for seasonal decorating, summer deserves just as much attention as the light streams in through your windows and the days grow longer.


Summer is a time for increasing light and sunshine. By minimizing your decor, you can let more of those rays cast brightness throughout your home. Clear countertops, tables, and bookshelves of extra clutter and focus on a few items that are lighter in material and in neutral colors. If you need items to be handy, consider a basket or decorative box to place tucked away on a shelf to help your lines of sight stay clear. A lot of neutral colors are being seen in summer decor, especially lighter shades, helping them appear brighter and softer.


With minimalist looks, contrast is just as important in selecting decor. Build interest in the items you leave out by choosing different materials like metal, woven fibers, wood, glass, and stone. When paired with simple designs, these items can lend to a minimalist feel while still being beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. We have a number of items nestled around our showroom floor that you can use to decorate your home as you seek a brighter, even more natural, look.


While the overall trend for this summer is minimalism, you can add in a few pops of color for an extra touch. Summer is a time to choose bright colors and patterns. If you don’t want to change your entire set of furniture, you can add in vibrant hues with pillows, rugs, and other decor. If you want multiple colors, look at a color wheel and choose two that are placed opposite to complement each other. If you are more comfortable with one color, choose a few patterns in the same color family to mix up the shade.

Overall Needs

As you are decorating and choosing new ways to outfit your home and patio, don’t forget to consider what your needs are. Having a side table to place your summer beverage or favorite new magazine on next to your outdoor couch is convenient and needed. Selecting a buffet piece to hold everyone’s side dishes at your next barbeque potluck will help you enjoy more time with your guests. For the home that has friends and family coming and going from afar, a bed for their extra room may be a great addition. All of these can be found in a variety of styles on our showroom floor.

To build out your home’s decor for summer, come see us at Furniture Source International. We can help you select a few items to brighten up your home or help you outfit entire rooms. Whichever you need, there is something to be found for you.