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Turn Your Bedroom into a Romantic Getaway

FSI Retailer | 16 Feb, 2021 | Bedroom | Decorating, Bedroom | Return|

Furniture Source International hopes that love is in the air, no matter the day or month. Just like our love lives need a little spruce now and then, our bedrooms can use a refresh to make the space relaxing and romantic. There are a number of ways that can be done directly from our showroom floor.

New Bed

While an obvious way to change up the bedroom, getting a new bed is an often overlooked part of the home as a budget or gifts are allocated elsewhere. We carry a number of bed frames in various styles made from reclaimed wood and other materials to satisfy every aesthetic taste. Whether you are looking for an upholstered headboard or a dramatic four poster bed, we have a bed that will bring you comfort at the end of each day. Once you have chosen a new bed, choosing new bedding to cozy into will bring a new look to your entire space.

New Space to Connect

Couples of all ages are constantly looking for more ways to stay connected and to have time for one another. If your room allows for it, having a place for you and your significant other to find respite, either on a small loveseat or two chairs, can encourage companionship. Having a designated space for the two of you to chat, read, or enjoy a favorite beverage together also brings intentionality to your time. Consider an end table or coffee table to hold your book, lamp and a favorite picture of each other. 

Organizational Possibilities

While this may not seem to be overly romantic, the tone of your bedroom can change with a place to put all the things that seem to get scattered about the bedroom. The last thing any of us want when headed to the bedroom is to trip over a shoe or to deal with a big mess on the floor. Whether it’s clothing, gym bags, or various odds and ends, we have several dressers, armoires and consoles that could be the perfect spot to catch extra clutter. A large hutch or armoire could serve the same purpose and be a great place to store a television tucked behind doors when it is time for bed. 

Accessories to Bring It All Together

If you love the furniture you have or want a small way to freshen on your romantic space, we have accessories that can add an extra touch to an already perfect getaway. We have numerous colors of pillows in different patterns, each one filled and fluffed perfectly for your bed or chair. The rich colors vary from calming blues to intense reds and every hue and shade in between. We also carry a number of framed prints and found items that can bring a finished and polished item to your bedroom. These pieces will bring a smile to you and your partner’s face every time you enter the room. 

Bring your partner or shop alone to see what we have on our showroom floor that could suite your needs. Stroll our space and see what inspiration develops or allow us to guide you to some of our favorite pieces. Contact us today.