Terms & Conditions

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We guarantee that our products are made from quality materials and are free from structural defects. All items are inspected by FSI. We are not responsible for freight damages resulting from the shipment within the U.S. or Mexico. Merchandise should be inspected as soon as it is received and all claims should be reported directly to the shipping company. All goods are sold F.O.B. the respective factory locations. 

Any manufacturing defect or damage is covered by FSI. Such claims must be made within 2 weeks of receipt of the truck, or shall be consider void, regardless of their value. All claims must be accompanied by full documentation as described below, and third party corroboration. FSI reserves the right to reject any claims not supported by full documentation and third party corroboration. Any approved compensation and/or credits shall be given to the customer in the form of credit on a future container. 

Documentation Required for Credit

  • Completed damage report for each item, supplied by FSI.
  • Photo of each damaged item showing the specific damage or defect.
  • Completed credit request, supplied by FSI.


Please email fsourceint@aol.com for pricing information. Please include the company name, company address, phone and fax numbers as well as a copy of the company resale tax ID within the request. Prices are quoted F.O.B. the factory location. We do not crate merchandise. We package products that ride best on air ride trucks. When ordering a truck, use air ride equipment only, for the safe transportation of our furniture. 


Our products are sold to the trade only. Please email fsourceint@aol.com or fax order requests to 979-690-2927. In fax and email orders, please include: 

  • Company Name.
  • Shipping and Billing Address.
  • Company Phone and Fax Numbers.
  • Email Contact.
  • Resale tax number and a copy of Company resale certificate.

All orders placed are confirmed by fax or email and must be signed and faxed back to FSI. Once an order is signed and returned to us, it cannot be cancelled. 

Any cancellation must be done in writing or email, without exception. Cancellations will not be accepted for typical orders after 4 days and market orders after 2 days the order is placed. 

Orders of full or half-sized trucks may be filled with any combination of the case goods and accessory products we offer. Our Italian leather upholstery items ship separately from Europe and are sold by the container only. 
FSI does not maintain a stock of product in Mexico. We have over 3,000 SKU items available in multiple sizes and finishes. Each furniture piece is made to order. Please allow 8 weeks for our product to be handmade by our craftsmen. Delivery dates are estimated and are subject to change. 

When placing an order, list priority items first to ensure proper priority if the container was over ordered. The customer will be notified as the truck is being loaded and informed of items that will not fit on the truck once FSI receives the final Bill of Lading. If the truck was under ordered, FSI will notify the customer to request additional items. If there is no response from the customer, FSI reserves the right to go forward with production with the customer's original ordered amount. 

Minimum orders from our Texas warehouse are $1,000.00. We do not have a minimum order from Mexico; however, to obtain the lowest freight percentage, we suggest placing the largest order possible. FSI will always try to obtain the lowest landed rate possible for the customer. 

FSI can ship a truck to any commercial location, assuming the equipment can reach the end location specified. We do not delivery to residential addresses. The shipping company reserves the right to refuse delivery to any dangerous or unfit location. Please contact the trucking company for more information on their reserved rights. All shipments will be shipped via an approved truck line selected and/or approved by the customer to avoid shipping damage. 
Freight costs vary depending on location. Freight charges for all shipments will be under Collect Terms. 


We use a three-step process for packaging. First, respective of the piece, we securely apply a foam wrap or water resistant wax paper around the item. Next, single-sided corrugated cardboard is applied to the edges and tops of each piece. We finish by covering the furniture piece with a heavy cardboard to protect the items during shipment. 

Truck Arrival

The inability to take possession of a truck once it has reached the border incurs costs at the customer's expense. 

Contracts with shipping companies are negotiated on May 1st of each year. 

Our current contract is with Celadon Trucking Services. Normal Transit time from the factories to the border is 2 days and typically crosses the border in one day. Freight lines will schedule a delivery appointment with the customer once the trailer has reached the US side of the border and is parked by the broker in their respective yard. 

Insurance on containers is available, but most of our customers do not insure their trucks, as it does not cover water damage or structural defects. This insurance covers losses if the truck is lost or stolen in Mexico. 

For Freight Rates from Celadon Trucking Services, please call 817-496-1145, www.celadontrucking.com. Alternatively, quotes by email may be obtained by providing the customer zip code and departure cities, Puebla and Guadalajara, Mexico respectively. 

A 53' truck will hold an unknown number of pieces. All items have a cubic number that will fill the truck to be determined by FSI. 

Privacy Policy

With respect to customer information provided to FSI, we comply with all applicable U.S. data protection laws currently enforced. We will use such information for the following reasons: 

  • Internal record keeping
  • To improve our product services

FSI may periodically send relevant promotional materials, invitations and new product or company information to the email or mailing address provided.