Cactus Roots and Onyx: Adding Elegance and Sophistication to Your Living Space

Natural elements have long been utilized in interior design as a means to create a captivating ambiance. Cactus root tables and onyx accent pieces add striking elegance and sophistication to your living space. If you’re interested in using these diverse and unique materials to refresh your room, here’s how to incorporate these enchanting elements into your home decor.

Organic Beauty

Cactus root tables exude the perfect balance of rugged and refined charm that helps add depth and character to a space. Crafted from the intricate network of roots from cacti, these tables showcase nature’s artistry in its rawest form. Because each is unique, cactus root tables are statement pieces for any room they grace.

Onyx accent pieces complement cactus roots by adding another level of unique beauty. Being known for its exquisite veining and colors, onyx is used for multiple types of accents, such as table tops, lamps, accent pieces, or decorative accessories. Onyx adds a lavish feel to any room, and harmonizes perfectly with cactus root tables.

Harmonious Contrasts

When paired together, the texture and tones between cactus root tables and onyx creates a harmonious display. The rough-hewn texture of cactus root contrasts beautifully with the smooth, lustrous surface of onyx – creating stunning visual interest. Whether placed in a minimalist setting to serve as a focal point of a room, or integrated into eclectic decor for intrigue, these elements command attention as conversation starters.

Balancing these powerful visual staples with the other decor in your room will determine their overall strength. Neutral hues and textures help allow the natural beauty of cactus roots and onyx to convey without overwhelming a space. Conversely, placing these elements against bold colors and textures for a deeper contrast adds dimension to a room. Cactus root tables and onyx accents are versatile, and can be used in virtually every style of interior design.

Final Flourishes

To complete the desired look and feel, add items that echo the organic allure of cactus roots and onyx. Succulents, natural textiles, and metallic accents are all excellent choices that will tie in your cactus root and onyx pairing. Warm or neutral lighting adds to the natural feel of these elements, while cool or bright lighting showcases the natural colors and textures of the pieces themselves.

Finding Cactus Root Tables and Onyx Elements

Furniture Source International can help you find the perfect pairings for your space. We can help you select the perfect cactus root table, or help you design a custom piece. A wide selection of onyx pieces can be found in our showroom, from lamps, accent pieces, and statement accessories. Our sustainable and stylish craftsmanship is unparalleled – come pick out your next statement pieces and add elegance and sophistication to your home with the natural and unique beauty of cactus roots and onyx.

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