Brand Spotlight: Ratana

By partnering with different brands, especially for our outdoor and patio furniture, we are guaranteeing we can meet the needs of every client and customer that steps through our doors. No patio, deck, or outdoor space will look the same and not every home has the same needs. By procuring a few different partnerships from companies that meet different needs and have different looks, we can assure satisfaction for you. One of the brands we love, Ratana, provides another one of these great options for you to consider.


Ratana has been designing, building, and refining outdoor furniture for over three decades. With an eye for timeless design and exceptional quality, working with them seemed like a natural fit for Furniture Source International. When we learned of their focus on environmentally conscious practices, we knew it would be a perfect fit. Beyond that, their ability to fulfill the needs from everyone from the home entertainer to top ranked restaurants and Olympic venues around the world, showed the versatility they bring to their name.


When you are creating the look for your home or you are refreshing it to better meet your needs, you want something that is going to look good to you. While it may be easy to pick the same items you have seen before, creating something that is truly custom to your tastes can brighten up your space and make you fall in love with the space every time you step outside. This is why Ratana is such a great company to partner alongside. Each of their collections, which are several dozen in number, offer several choices, from chairs to tables and, in some cases fire pits and more. Additionally, the fabric choices number well over 100 and come in every rich hue and pattern you could imagine for your home. There is something for everyone, from classic and traditional to trendy and sleek, in a variety of materials to further meet your needs.


There are several different materials that Ratana uses in their pieces, so care will look different depending on what you select. Their recommendation for most items is to use water or a mild soap to clean or to brush off debris and dirt as needed. None of their items need more abrasive cleaning products. They create pieces with the outdoors and elements in mind which means fading will be a minimum and care should be easy. That said, if there are prolonged times where you will not be using the furniture outside, you may want to store it or make sure it is covered in some way. Their recommendation is under a covered patio, which means you can still sit in their comfortable chairs or dine at one of their impressive tables. If you have to use a furniture cover, to make sure there is room for air to circulate underneath, helping to prevent mold and mildew from damaging your favorite items. The cushions are designed to get wet and will allow water to pass through. To help them dry faster, you can tilt them on their side before enjoying the sunshine!

We have several pieces on our showroom floor, ready for you to see. Come by and imagine your favorite family and friends sitting with you sipping a beverage or watching the kids play while you visit. Our Furniture Source International staff will be happy to help you evaluate all of your options and see what needs we can meet.

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