How to Make Your Home Gameday Ready

Furniture Source International is nestled in the middle of one of the biggest game day towns there could be. We love our College Station community and all that the fall season brings with new visitors to our area as they tailgate and host. When it comes time to get your home gameday ready, Furniture Source International is your number one pick.

Food and Serving Ideas

There are endless possibilities for the types of food you can serve to nourish your guests and give them extra energy to cheer on your favorite team. You will never have a shortage of options, from different types of snacks to a full meal. Plan your meal around where and when you’d like to serve and turn to Furniture Source International for serving platters, unique utensils and anything tabletop! We even offer fine oils, spreads and tapenades to even out your meal. Check out our Puro Verde tequila website for cocktail recipes and ideas!

Backyard Setup Ideas

Setting up your backyard will take careful planning, especially if the game of your choice is televised. You will want ample and comfortable seating around the tv or screen that allows your guests to view and, hopefully, jump up to cheer on their favorite plays. For the outside, add onto your seating with several choices from our showroom floor. We have seating in every style, material, and color imaginable. If you need extra shade, we can help provide umbrellas that will flex to shield your screen and guests from the sun’s harsh rays. When it gets a little cooler, having a fire pit will provide warmth and a place to roast marshmallows as the evening settles in. You may also consider backyard games and activities for families who are joining you and access to lots of drinks and food.

Preparation Tips

Even though you are happy to host, you will also want to enjoy your gameday celebration. Plan as much as possible to be done ahead of time, including meal prep, having drinks that can be premixed and served in a beautiful dispenser or decanter, and having versatile outdoor furniture that can be out in the elements for a day. When someone sends you a last-minute text to see if you need anything, don’t forget to check on ice, an extra bag or two always seems helpful. If you need to move your party indoors for rain, decide early, so you aren’t stressing leading up to the event. You can always put food and beverages inside and let people choose where they sit for the actual game.

If you are getting ready to host the next game day or if you are the regular house for hosting, come see our team at Furniture Source International. We can help with everything from beverages to seating, serving dishes, and more. Contact us or come by today!

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