How to Clean Your Patio Furniture

Once the stage, or patio, is set, you want to keep your perfectly designed and well thought out space looking as great as the day you brought everything home. While dishes, centerpieces, and other accessories can be brought inside and stored away, this usually isn’t the case for your larger pieces like tables and chairs. It is inevitable that your furniture will get a little dust, dirt, and grime on them. With the quality brands Furniture Source International partners with, you can be sure they will hold up to the elements and there are always tips on how to get them clean before your next gathering or relaxing day outside.

General Tips

You can be confident that the materials used in the patio furniture on our showroom floor will withstand the sun and a normal amount of precipitation. Additionally, the colors you have chosen for some of your pieces are saturated and rich, meaning they will keep looking good for months and beyond. For a regular cleaning, just to freshen up your patio furniture, you can use water and a little elbow grease, with a towel or soft brush to remove dust, pollen, or debris. We know how much some of you like to grab your leaf blower to get rid of larger branches, pine needles, and other items, too.

Brand Specific

Jensen Outdoor– to keep this beautiful, sustainable wood furniture clean, brush off debris and use a very mild soap and water solution for tough spots. They have an after-care solution to restore original color if desired.

Ratana– Ratana has so many different materials used within their design choices, but each is easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

Treasure Gardens– These gorgeous patio umbrellas only need to be spot cleaned and kept free of debris and dirt.

Ebel– For this woven and fabric patio furniture, a non-abrasive cleaner and towel will make every spec of dirt disappear.

Hanamint– Spot cleaning should happen on the fabric portions of this furniture right away. A mild soap solution usually works, and the aluminum frame will need to be kept free of water in freezing temperatures.

OW Lee– This versatile brand has so many different types of furniture, it is difficult to pin down one cleaning method, but general cleaning tips work for most issues found in the great outdoors.

Preventative Care

One of the best ways to keep your patio furniture looking great is with preventative care. Items left under a covered patio or sheltered under a tarp will stay cleaner as the covering takes the brunt of the grime. If there is a large rainstorm or hurricane headed to the area for our coastal neighbors, you will want to secure your items inside if possible. If you do not use certain items year-round, you may want to store them in your garage, shed, or other auxiliary space so they stay in better condition during the winter months. Regular cleaning of fire pits is not only aesthetically pleasing but prevents dangerous situations from arising.

With a little care and attention, your patio furniture can last you for multiple seasons, proving to be an addition to the space you and your loved ones call home. If you are looking to set up your outdoor space, come see us at Furniture Source International today.

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