Brand Spotlight: Treasure Gardens

Many furniture stores may only carry pieces for your living room, bedroom, or home office, but Furniture Source International doesn’t want to stop within the four walls of your home. Your life may extend beyond those boundaries into the front lawn or onto the back patio, so we have curated several brands for outdoor living that we simply love. As the weather continues to get nice and longer evenings are ahead, outside time is a great way to wind down from a long work week or to entertain with friends, family, and loved ones. While many of us appreciate the great outdoors, the sun can be a bit more than we want to deal with for hours on end. Treasure Garden umbrellas can help your time outside, making it more enjoyable with quality and care.

Who are they?

Treasure Garden has been a vibrant company for almost 40 years, providing shade and protection from the sun to customers across the United States and beyond. Employing over 6,000 individuals, their name and brand is important to the company, wanting to continue their reputation as “The World’s Favorite Shade.” Each umbrella is handcrafted, and custom made to fit the specifications asked for by the customer or store carrying their products. With a constant eye on innovation and style, their commitment to quality is evident in the rich colors they choose for the fabrics they use and the design, even in how each spoke is made or how many spokes are chosen for each. Their warranty is extensive, depending on what part may need their care and attention. Cleaning is easy with regular maintenance to your umbrella when not being stored, by brushing away loose dirt and debris and washing with mild soap and water.

Types of Umbrellas

It would be limiting to simply refer to their offerings as just umbrellas. Many choose to purchase even larger pieces, like shades, to provide a larger scope of protection from the sun for their outdoor space. By adding motion to some of their products, both in cantilevers and umbrellas, your purchase becomes versatile and customizable in a moment as the sun moves across the sky. With stands available in both steel and wood, paired with design and different fabric choices, you can choose the right look for you. There are hundreds of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from in the quality fabric they source for their umbrellas. With innovative offerings, like lighting, you can use your umbrella or shade even after the sun goes down.

Filling Out Your Space

With the wonderful colors and fabric choices available through Treasure Garden, your patio, porch, or lawn will draw the attention of any guest and is sure to make you smile every time you move your shade to block unwanted rays. Due to their rich saturation of colors and choices of patterns, you can coordinate with the pillows or furniture you are picking up at Furniture Source International as well. You can use these as accent pieces or work within a color palette to build out patterns and textures, creating depth and interest in your design. We have a number of choices of furniture, accessories, and pieces to complete this extra space outside of your home.

To see the umbrella styles we carry and to begin choosing your favorite(s), come see us today. We can help walk you through our showroom floor to fill the rooms and spaces you need covered, or you can explore in your own time.

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