Bringing Nature Indoors: Incorporating Wood and Greenery in Decor

Nature is timelessly beautiful and relaxing, but it’s easy to feel disconnected from it when we get caught up in work, school, and social commitments. But, by bringing nature indoors through incorporating wood and greenery in decor, you can transform your home into a tranquil space inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Wood and greenery add warmth and texture to any room, and evoke a sense of calm and peace — helping us feel more connected to the earth around us.

Styles of Natural Decor

From a cozy cottage to a beachside bungalow, wood and greenery can transform a space into a representation of nature. Choose types of wood and greenery in line with your decorating scheme. Reclaimed wood and natural stems work well in industrial or farmhouse style homes, and mahogany or other dark woods paired with rich green plants are perfect for sophisticated office spaces. Whatever your aesthetic, wood and greenery can complement and elevate your home.

How Wood Works in Your Space

Wood naturally adds a touch of organic beauty to a space. Whether it’s through reclaimed wood furniture, hardwood floors, or accent pieces, wood brings warmth and richness to a room that is hard to replicate with synthetic materials. From deep tones of mahogany to the light feeling of maple or birch, there are tones and textures of wood to suit every style and aesthetic.

In addition to its visual appeal, wood offers practical benefits. It’s durable, long-lasting, and can withstand the wear and tear of daily life. Wood is easy to maintain, requiring only occasional dusting and polishing to keep it looking its best. Invest in high-quality wood furniture and finishes that will last a lifetime, which will reduce the need for replacements.

Greenery Gives Life to a Room

Adding greenery to a room is another way to effectively bring nature indoors. Houseplants add a pop of color and texture to a room, and live plants offer several health benefits. Studies have shown that indoor plants can help improve air quality, reduce stress, and increase productivity. Caring for houseplants can be therapeutic and rewarding, helping to bridge the gap between your home and the natural world.

When choosing plants for your home, consider factors such as natural light levels, humidity, and maintenance requirements. You’ll also need to think of any pets that may come into contact with houseplants, as several can be toxic to cats and dogs in particular. But, if the thought of maintaining live plants seems daunting, there are several realistic faux plants available. They may not offer the same natural health benefits, but the only maintenance they’ll require is an occasional dusting.

Mix and Match

Wood and greenery work well together, and it’s easy to mix color tones and textures between the two. Choose furniture that incorporates reclaimed wood to give variety to grains and depth of color, or choose pieces made up of multiple types of wood. Both live and faux greenery can be placed in pots of various sizes and colors, which can help add levels to your decorating scheme.

Try light tones of wood with dark, rich greenery, or darker woods with plants that are light or earthy in color. Pot plants in containers that bring balance, and alternate sizes to add levels to your decorating. Get creative and experiment with different combinations and arrangements until you find a look that you love.

Finding Nature with Furniture Source International

At Furniture Source International, we can help bring the outdoors inside. Discover the peace and balance that comes from woods and greenery, and create an indoor oasis to enjoy in any season or weather. Come visit our showroom and select the perfect pieces for your nature-inspired space.

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