Home Décor Trends We Are Seeing

Décor trends are about much more than keeping up with the Joneses. Just like all elements of design and aesthetic, it is personal and about the feelings we get when we step into a room. With changing trends, we can revamp a space and change the way we feel, especially when we discover a new look or when we rediscover an element that we forgot. Our Furniture Source International team loves to look at magazines, shows, the homes of people we love, and other places of business for new ideas. Here are some of the upcoming trends we’re seeing!


Colors are coming back in and in a big way. Vibrant hues and colors that are reminiscent of a retro look from the ‘70s are popping up everywhere, from wall paint to upholstery to accent pieces. This is a great time to choose an accent piece in a color you have loved but have avoided in order for everything to match. An armchair or sideboard can place an exclamation point on a monochromatic space you already love. If you aren’t ready to commit to a full piece of furniture in a bold color, consider a woven rug with a color and design you love, new throw pillows in a few different shades, or wall art to embrace this trend.

Natural Elements

By including natural elements into your new design, you will bring a varying look and many textures to your home. Integrating in wood, wicker, straw, bamboo, and greenery, you can expand the outdoors to the interior. What’s more, outdoor living can be a great way to integrate your favorite design from inside onto a porch, patio, or other covered space. By including natural elements inside and furniture pieces you love outside, you can make a transition seamless between the two spaces and can encourage guests and family to move freely back and forth. If you aren’t fully able to commit to multiple natural elements, consider a few to build texture in your design and consider some natural colors for pillows, wall hangings, and other items that can change out easily.


For Furniture Source International, this isn’t a trend, it is one of our foundational principles. By choosing to use reclaimed wood for many of our custom pieces, we are committed to conservation with a rehab mindset. And by making heirloom pieces that will last for generations, we are ensuring that your armoire, table, or other investment won’t end up in a landfill next week. What’s more, the worn and weathered elements of the reclaimed wood, polished and refined under the expert hands of our craftsmen, provides an elegant look to your new piece of furniture.

If you want to update your space with these trends or something a little more to your own unique taste, come see us at Furniture Source International. Mixing and matching popular design with your personality will make your home, office, or other living space entirely your own, and we have something for everyone.

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