How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Commercial or not, Valentine's Day is the perfect way to celebrate the ones you love in a special way. You can take the extra steps to let them know how much you appreciate them, care for them, and enjoy spending time with them. If you choose not to go out for Valentine's Day this year, you can plan to celebrate a perfect evening at home. Setting your home for a special evening, you can extend the Valentine's celebration beyond February 14th. Furniture Source International has everything you need to set the mood you are looking for your love-centered night.

All of the Senses

Any great experience will stimulate all of the senses. If you are planning to stay home, take time to tidy and put everything in order to put you and your family or you and your date at ease. If you need to do a quick sweep, use large baskets to store clutter until you can sort it out during your spring cleaning. From there, consider a new centerpiece for your dining room or coffee table to bring a fresh look to the comfort of your home. If your lighting needs help, we have several choices in iron and other materials that can be wired to be dimmable for the perfect comfortable light throughout the evening. Our hand poured candles can add a warm glow to the room and provide a full sensory experience with welcoming aromas. And we have personal fragrances for you or your significant other to wear or give as a gift. 

Color and Comfort

We love the idea of changing the color palate to fit the season, holiday, or mood you may have. Buying a few new throw pillows can make your home feel more festive with colors and patterns that are in a Valentine's theme. Pinks, purples, and reds are the most common colors used during this time. You could even consider a few white or gray with a single one of these themed tones to pop on your sofa or in the bedroom. Another added bonus of having new or extra throw pillows is the automatic level of comfort, making it a perfect setting for cuddling or watching your favorite movies. 

Everything Else

What is a family-fun night or date night without food and beverage to enjoy? You can make sure your kitchen and bar are fully stocked with serving dishes, glassware, and other items you may need to whip up a new recipe. Cooking together can be a fun way to start your evening and having new dishtowels to clean up with is never a bad idea. Our showroom features specialty oils, jarred tapenades, and other extras to add to the menu as well. Don't forget that the details count, especially for a Valentine's meal. Having dishes that enhance the look of your food and can keep everything warm, like our stoneware, will make the evening all the more special. 

To find a Valentine's gift or to set your home up for the perfect date night, come visit our showroom. You can enhance any room of the house to show the love of your life the thought and detail you put into your time together. If you aren't sure where to start, our team can help. 

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