How to Create a Welcoming Patio

There is a large range of styles, budgets, and designs when it comes to any aspect of your home and your patio is no exception. The patio serves a unique function in the home because it is primarily used for entertainment and relaxing and has no other purpose. Even if you are looking for a retreat only for yourself and immediate family, you still want this space to be warm and inviting. Furniture Source International loves the outdoor spaces of our home and can help your space be exactly what you need.

Basic Furniture Needs

There are two different directions to think about with patio furniture. You will need a place to sit, but what that looks like will depend on your needs for the outside space. Some homeowners want a dining space with a large table and chairs to surround it so they can serve beverages, their favorite dishes, and enjoy long meals with those they love. Other homeowners want more of a lounge style of seating with plush cushioned chairs, gliders, and fire pits. Granted, there are a few homeowners that need both types of spaces. Either way, we have multiple seating options, and we even have a few that are somewhere in between with fire elements built into tables and chairs that are perfect for dining or lounging.

Décor and Lighting

Just because a space is outside doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about the best way to decorate with centerpieces, candles, and vases. By selecting a few items to place carefully on a side table or having a display tucked amongst dishes when dining, you are presenting a more complete look to your patio and making it more welcoming. What’s more, you are adding to conversation potential as your guests admire the pops of color or pieces of interest you have selected.

Cushions, Covers, and Color

When choosing new furniture at Furniture Source International, you may be surprised by the choices in colors that different elements of the pieces come in. Some of the furniture, made by Breezesta, recycles plastic milk jugs into beautiful timber style pieces and can be made in your favorite color. Other pieces have every hue and pattern available in the cushions that we could imagine. If you already have furniture in place, you can add a few throw pillows to make your time more comfortable or add a throw blanket or two. You can store these items in a large basket for ease of transport in and out of your home as needed.

Extra Touches

You may think you don’t need to consider patio or deck plants since you are already in the great outdoors but adding a planter box or a few large potted plants can lend an extra touch to your space. Wall décor is sometimes reserved for the indoors, but an iron or metal decorative piece, a mirror, or shelves can make the space look finished. Make sure the size is appropriate for the wall or it will look even more dwarfed in the great outdoors. A rug can add the extra color you were looking for or add additional texture while anchoring your furniture within the space.

To begin setting up your patio space, come see us today. We have options for everything listed here, from the smallest piece of side table décor to full patio furniture sets. Our team at Furniture Source International can show you around and help you pick exactly what you need.

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