How to Winterize Your Patio

With an entire section of our showroom floor devoted to outdoor patio furniture and accessories, it shouldn’t be a question of whether Furniture Source International loves being in our outside spaces. Living in the south means we can use our patios, porches, decks, and backyards for the upcoming months and our winter preparation may look a little different. In fact, some of our winterization is getting the space ready for more use, just in a different way.


At some point you may need to prepare some of your furniture for storage. If we have a large storm approaching like we did last year, you may want to move your tables, chairs, umbrellas, and any other pieces inside to garage or storage shed. This will help reduce any potential damage from the wet and quickly changing temperatures or, more likely, falling limbs and trees from the weight of ice and the onslaught of wind. If you are planning to keep the items in storage for a longer period of time, see our manufacturers recommendations for cleaning beforehand so everything is ready in the spring.


While many of our days are mild and very enjoyable, there are a number of nights and many days coming where you will want to consider extra warmth from a fire pit. Once you have chosen one that will work best for your needs, either log burning or gas fueled, we can help you select a look that matches your outdoor space. Some are standard fire pits to minimize distractions from other pieces. Others have tables built around them, at different heights, so you can balance a beverage or plate of snacks while you visit with those you love or watch your kids burn off their extra energy.


With so many great weekends ahead of us, combined with holiday entertaining and gathering, extending your living and dining space to the outdoors makes sense. Having a table and chairs, at dining or pub height will help you display your favorite foods or the potluck items your friends and family have brought over to share. While a pub height table tends to be more casual, dining height tables can be casual or a little fancier. Either can be decorated with items from our showroom floor including trays, serving ware, hand poured candles, and new linens in your favorite colors.

Patio Covers

If you do not have a patio cover, you may be wondering how to shade your space from the sun when enjoying your space during certain times of day when the sun is particularly harsh. Our outdoor umbrellas are a solution to consider and come in a variety of colors and sizes. These adjustable umbrellas can be moved as the sun travels through the sky and will provide you with the shade you need while you get the fresh air you crave.

To plan your New Year outdoor party or to get ready for an at home tailgate, come see our team at Furniture Source International today. We can help you choose the last perfect item you need to winterize your patio, or we can help you outfit the entire space to enjoy for months and years to come.

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