Redefining Home Office Spaces: Stylish and Functional Furniture

Many professionals today can work remotely from the comfort of their homes. With the need for a home office space more prevalent now than ever, full-time remote positions are redefining home office spaces. But work-from-home employees don’t have to sacrifice their home’s aesthetic for utility – there are stylish and functional furniture choices that fit the needs of homes-turned-office spaces. And, by creating a space that you love, you’ll enhance your productivity and the visual interest of a room.

Identify the Elements of Your Home Office

Determine the functionality of your home office space. Do you work with multiple monitors or from a laptop? Will you need an ergonomic chair for extended periods of sitting, or does a standing desk sound more inviting? How much equipment will need to be stored in your home office space?

With these criteria in mind, you’ll also want to find the ideal space for your home office. Some homes have a dedicated office or study, while others may have a convenient nook or bay window that could accommodate a desk and chair. Once you’ve determined where you’ll be working from, it’s time to consider your home office furniture.

Ergonomic Office Furniture

If you’ll be spending more than an hour or two a day seated at your desk, comfort is key. Your desk should have plenty of legroom, and be a comfortable height and material for your arms to rest on. An ergonomic office chair can also go a long way in providing support and promoting correct posture throughout the workday.

Decorative Options

Choosing unique home office furniture that is both functional and sophisticated allows you to integrate your workspace into your home without compromising its aesthetic appeal. Look for antique or handmade desks or accent furniture, and utilize decorative storage to conceal cables and office necessities. Comfortable, yet stylish office chairs can be found in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes to complement your home’s theme.

Multi-Functional Solutions

For smaller rooms or those that serve more than one purpose, multifunctional office furniture pieces can help free up space. Some home office desks can be folded up into the wall and appear as a cabinet when they’re not in use. Some desks are integrated into bookshelves or hutches, which adds both storage and visual interest.

Standing desks are also trending in the work-from-home population. These desks can be raised and lowered according to your position, allowing the user to stretch their legs throughout the day. When lowered, standing desks appear as any other desk, providing a work surface for homework, crafts, or other household uses.

Many desks now offer built-in charging stations or power supplies for electronics. These eliminate cords being run along the floor or behind a desk, keeping the workspace clutter-free. The built-in wiring of these desks plugs into a wall outlet, and from there can supply power to your computer, monitors, cell phone, or printer as needed.

Match Your Home’s Decor

With so many options available, finding home office furniture that matches your home’s decor is easier than ever. Cookie-cutter desks and chairs fit for cubicles are no longer the norm – stylish and functional office furniture can add to your home’s aesthetic rather than detract from it. Choose materials and fabrics that integrate with the color palette of your home, and set your home office space up in such a way that carries the overall theme.

Finding the Perfect Home Office Furniture

See what home office furniture we have to offer at Furniture Source International. Our expansive 30,000 sqft retail showroom gives you a sampling of choices for your home office space, and our experts can help you design custom pieces to fit any space. Discover the impact that stylish and functional home office furniture can have on your professional productivity and the visual appeal of your home when you choose pieces that are perfect for your space.

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