Simple Steps to Declutter Your Home

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As much as we look forward to putting out seasonal decor and getting ready for gatherings, we would be remiss if we didn’t say the clutter can sometimes feel overwhelming. In fact, without decluttering, your decor, and the items you have selected to love and cherish around your home, may seem more crowded, making you less likely to enjoy them. Furniture Source International has some ideas that serve as functional and stylish ways to declutter as you decorate for events or simply live your day-to-day life.

Remove Excess

The most crucial step to decluttering is disposing of what you don’t need. This step may apply to items that no longer serve a purpose, throwing away broken items, and donating or selling those you don’t love anymore. You should also go from room to room to find all those wandering items that don’t belong and put them in the correct spaces. Sometimes you may need to make difficult decisions about what to keep and remove, but consider the space and storage you have, then plan the decor and items you want on hand. If there are things you love that you don’t have a spot for, consider safe storage in a closet or attic where you can access those items when you are ready to rotate.

Stylish Storage

Once you have a clear idea of what you need in each area, consider what can be tucked away in stylish and functional storage. Some spaces are well suited for large baskets to catch throws, pillows, shoes, kid’s toys, or other items. Any room in your home, including hallway and entry spaces, can house one of our buffets, armoires, or side tables with adjustable storage inside. Because we create items of numerous sizes and designs, you are sure to find something that may suit your needs.


While larger storage is typically a topic of consideration within our homes, we tend to overlook the small items we need easy access to that can create clutter without a catch-all for us to return them to. Whether using a decorative bowl for keys and wallets or a tray for remotes and lighters, having this designated space will eliminate clutter and help you as you look for things later.

Wise Choices

While decluttering once can help you feel accomplished, you won’t want to stop there. Work a decluttering time into your weekly or daily routine, depending on your needs, to keep up with what can quickly get out of hand. You may also need to be selective about the items you want in your space, making sure they serve a purpose and are a design you love and adore. While we all need to make these decisions from time to time, there are so many ways to bring aesthetic choices into your space.

If you are finishing a decluttering effort in your home and need storage for the items you are keeping, come see us at Furniture Source International. Our timeless pieces, big and small, can help you keep your space organized and beautiful for all the months of the year.

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