Dining rooms have greatly evolved over the years, especially as homebuilders waver back and forth between open concept floor plans and keeping the formal dining room space. With any floor plan and home design, you should choose furniture that works for you, that you love, and that makes you feel comfortable. Mixing and matching your dining seating is a way to make your dining space functional and put your mark on what you choose. Furniture Source International has dozens of mixing and matching combinations for you to consider.

Alternating Choices

An easy way to mix and match is to choose choice an accent chair for the head and foot of your table different from the rest of your chairs. In this setup, you can choose a completely different material, design, style, and size for the two chairs on the ends of your table. It makes for a more eclectic space with added interest.

Using a Bench

A bench can be a great way to add a relaxed feel with flexible seating. This form of seating is a great option for entertaining family and friends with kids, and you can easily fit more guests at your next dinner party. Because the bench will be a completely different type of seating, you can choose to go with something that matches or not, but you may want to pick an element, like color or style, that coordinates with your other seating. Depending on the design, a bench can also add hidden storage for table linens or other items you may not frequently need.

Blending Textures

Adding texture elements to any room is critical for creating depth and warmth in your design. Texture naturally adds layers and helps the eye to travel around the space. Some chair designs can be mixed and matched to different textures or materials to help build this depth. It may be important to consider, depending on how open your floor plan is or how close a bar seating area is to your dining room, how to incorporate some coordination and mixing and matching with barstools. If you have a large space, thoughtfulness about all these elements will help your design look cohesive.

If you are ready to toss out your existing dining room set or need to start from scratch, see what we can offer at Furniture Source International. We love to mix and match throughout our store and would enjoy showing you the possibilities. Come see us, today.