Brand Spotlight: Ebel

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Different regions of the country argue over their claim to having the most pleasant outdoor weather, with some fighting in favor of summer months, others contending fall and spring are the best, and still others saying their outdoor spaces are comfortable no matter what month it is. While Furniture Source International isn’t going to weigh in on the regional question, we are going to stand firm in our love of outdoor time, on patios and decks, wherever you call home. One of the reasons we love the great outdoors so much is because of partnering with great brands like Ebel, Inc. Their commitment to style, usability, and quality makes them some of our favorites.


Ebel knows that most people who are looking to spruce up their outdoor spaces are looking for a place to retreat. Whether inviting family and friends over for dinner and gathering together or winding down after a full day of work with your favorite beverage, Ebel wants to provide the best furniture with great designs. There are a number of different frames, heights, and colors available to match every desire. Some of the chairs have swivel and rocking features to provide extra comfort as you spend hours relaxing in your back or front yard. With dozens of fabric choices to choose from, your trouble will be narrowing it down to your favorites as you consider color, pattern, and mixing and matching. Tables, chairs, couches, and more are available for you to consider. 


The furniture made by Ebel is easy to maintain and to keep clean. The polyethylene weave makes cleaning easy with all regular household cleaners. By using a hose or water most of the furniture will look clean immediately. Tougher stains may need a light cleaning with a nonabrasive cleaner and towel, keeping your furniture ready for use at all times. If you need to store the cushions long term, they should be cleaned and dried thoroughly before doing so. 


Ebel is focused on quality in a number of ways. The business began as a family run company, selling benches in 1988. By growing the company, choices have been added, but not at the expense of the core family values that they started with. If any defects in the material or workmanship are found on the furniture, the 15-year warranty will cover replacement. All cushions carry a one-year warranty. The focus on quality is also found in the commitment to the areas they gather materials from. With great interest in the environment, Ebel has committed to plant one tree for every piece of furniture they make, ensuring eco responsibility. Some of the furniture Ebel carries is made with recycled ocean plastic but maintains the style of every piece of their furniture. 

To have a seat in some of the best Ebel has to offer, Inc furniture we carry on our showroom floor, come see us today. Take a look around your existing patio and envision new Ebel furniture in its place. We have a variety for you to consider.

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