Brand Spotlight: Marinelli Leather

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Everyone we choose to partner with at Furniture Source International has to have something special and unique about the way they do business. By adding them to our showroom, working with them on specific pieces, or carrying multiple products they make, we are adding our name to theirs, testifying to the quality and craftsmanship they offer. When searching for a source for the leather used for some of our chairs, couches, and other pieces, we wanted someone who knew the balance between items that look good and caring about the way your products were made. This balance was found with Marinelli Leather.

Who They Are

Marinelli is a family-owned business in Italy with over thirty years of experience under their belts. Their family loves to interact with both sides of their business, from the places they source different materials to the customers who happily report their love for their new furniture. This team carefully picks and chooses the leather they will use in anything they make. By looking directly at the source, by working with farms to make sure care is taken every step of the way, the leather shows a greater quality later on. Genuine leather has a number of advantages, according to their website, because it is breathable and matures over time. The commitment we have to being as responsible to the environment as possible is just as important to Marinelli as their tanning and preservation process does not use chromium, to avoid the detrimental effects it may have. 

Partnering Together

Our leather furniture is one of a kind for a number of reasons. We ensure that our pieces are made from a single hide so no seams are visible in awkward or unbecoming spots. When a seem is used, for edging or to close a cushion, careful stitching is used to add to the beauty and sophistication of the design, rather than distract from it. Every cushion is filled with both foam and feathers to achieve stability and comfort. The frames of each piece is made from solid wood to add to that stability and comfort. Because we know comfort and sophistication can work together, some of our pieces have motion built into the furniture with the controls carefully tucked away to hide from view. 

Test of Time

By using genuine leather, the suppleness and patina changes with care and use. With regular conditioning and enough time taking naps, reading books, or enjoying conversation on the chair or sofa you choose, the Marinelli Leather will grow softer and deeper hues will develop. While we are confident what we have created will be the perfect addition to someone's home, we know that they are specifications you may want for your living room, office, or den. With another lead up time, custom furniture can be made, meeting your exact needs. 

To see the craftsmanship of Marinelli or to sit in a few of our chairs yourself, stop by our showroom today. We have offerings to suit many tastes, with the ability to custom create endless combinations for you and your home or business. 

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