Gift Ideas for the Host

While an invitation to someone’s home may not come with a request for contribution or gift, bringing a gift for your host or hostess is a beautiful custom. Bringing someone into your home for drinks, a meal, a visit, or a stay can take incredible work and thoughtfulness. While you may intend to bring a host a gift, the right gift isn’t always easy to find. Furniture Source International has hostess gifts for any occasion.


You can rarely find a gift as versatile as a candle, especially our hand-poured candles that come in various scents. By choosing one or two, you can help thank the host of your next gathering with a gift that will last and bring warmth and comfort to their home. These are sure to be a warm light source and glow in the cooler months ahead.


You can bring beverages and something to pour them in for your immediate toast or for your host to save for later. Puro Verde tequila is clean, smooth, and perfect for mixing or sipping. You can choose a few accompanying glasses from our store, or, for your favorite bartender, you can grab a few items they may need to mix drinks.


While our plates, dishes, and serving ware may be a little strange for a hostess gift, it may be perfect for someone you know well and is looking for a few pieces to add to what they have, especially if you plan to contribute to the meal! What’s more, our kitchen items vary from napkins, tiered servers, spreaders, serving dishes of all types and sizes, and more. You could spend time selecting a single piece for a hostess gift or put together a few items that would help round out the host’s kitchen.


We love to find objects we can imagine nestled on a shelf, used on a coffee table, or placed carefully on a desk. These found objects and other items vary in size, texture, material, and type, meaning you can find something for any host or hostess you visit. What’s more about this type of gift, you can pair it with a story of why that object was selected and chosen for your host, making any gift so much more meaningful for the recipient. Several items can double as trays, decorative storage pieces, or a catch-all that provides interest, texture, and warmth for a home’s design. This versatile gift can be a great option for the more streamlined host or hostess you may be spending time with.

We know there are numerous options for you to choose from our showroom floor for a gift for the next time you are invited to a gathering or stay. Wandering around at Furniture Source International will help you select the perfect gift, and you may find something you need for your own home as well. Come see all we have.

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