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Creating a Relaxing Bedroom Oasis with Our Bedroom Furniture

In this blog post, we explore how to create a relaxing bedroom oasis using high-quality bedroom furniture. The article emphasizes the importance of a practical and comfortable space that promotes restful sleep and a positive start to the day. It provides tips on selecting the right furniture, considering different sleep styles, incorporating multipurpose elements, and optimizing the layout based on the size of the room.

By |2023-11-02T13:58:42-06:00October 5, 2023|Bedroom, Decorating, Home Furnishings|

Turn Your Bedroom into a Romantic Getaway

Furniture Source International hopes that love is in the air, no matter the day or month. Just like our love lives need a little spruce now and then, our bedrooms can use a refresh to make the space relaxing and romantic. There are a number of ways that can be done directly from our showroom floor.

By |2022-12-16T09:41:12-06:00February 16, 2021|Bedroom, Decorating|

From Showroom to Your Room: Bedroom

At our High Point Market wholesale showroom, our focus at Furniture Source International is to show the versatility each of our unique and one of a kind pieces and how they can be best utilized and displayed in a store and ultimately, a home. Rather than thinking about certain types of pieces only working in specific rooms of the house, we want the design, function, and utility of a piece to be compatible with multiple areas of the home. Granted, there are certain items, like a bed or a dining room table, which may only serve to move around a few select places, many other pieces, both large and small can be adapted to serve your family for years to come. The bedroom is an imperative place to start seeing as Americans spend, on average, approximately 36 years of their lives in bed, according to research by the New York Post.

By |2022-12-16T10:45:09-06:00October 16, 2019|Bedroom|
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