Storage Solutions for Small Apartments and Homes

Small apartments and homes are common residences in our modern-day lives where space comes at a premium. Living in homes with smaller square footage saves hard-earned dollars – but storage space can be hard to come by. Thankfully, there are plenty of creative storage solutions for small apartments and homes, most of which have decorative value to offer. Find out how you can declutter and organize your smaller home while maximizing limited space.

Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a game-changer for small spaces. Even a simple option like a dining table with a drop-down leaf can open a room up in a few short moments. Other space-saving pieces include:

  • Sofa beds
  • Storage coffee tables or ottomans
  • Nesting end tables
  • Kitchen islands with stowaway bar stools
  • Murphy beds
  • Folding desks

Choosing pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose, or that can easily transition to take up less floor space makes tighter living quarters much more manageable.

Vertical Shelving

When floor space is scarce, consider what your home has to offer vertically. Vertical shelving offers storage without sacrificing square footage. Use wall-mounted shelving to display decor, store books, or organize everyday essentials. And, with adjustable shelving units, you’ll be able to accommodate and adjust for items of various sizes with ease.

Under-Bed Storage

The space beneath the bed is often overlooked, or in the case of children’s rooms, avoided altogether. However, most bedframes allow for ample under-bed storage. Drawers or bins designed for bedframe clearance can be used to store seasonal clothing, toys, bed linens, or shoes.

Hanging Storage

Another easily overlooked space is the backs of doors. The inside of the pantry, laundry room, and bathroom doors offer the perfect space for hanging organization. Over-the-door hanging organizers, towel hangers, spice racks, or mounts made to hold brooms and mops can be added to the backside of a door. Wall-mounted hooks, pegs, or storage bins can also be utilized to organize items like keys, hats, coats, bags, or mail.

Closet Organization

Closets are often a catch-all for odds and ends, but their space can be maximized to offer more storage capacity. Elements like shelves, additional clothing rods, shoe racks, and hanging organizers can quickly capitalize on a closet’s storage potential. Use slim or collapsing clothes hangers to add more room, and use behind-the-door storage methods to organize shoes, hats, belts, or other accessories.

Transparent Furniture

Choosing furniture with glass elements creates the illusion of more space by allowing more light to pass through. Glass-top coffee and dining tables, or bookshelves with open ends can add a touch of sophistication while opening up a space. Pair these options with optimal lighting to enhance the light and airy effect.

Dual-Purpose Rooms

If possible, designate a room or two for more than one purpose. Guest bedrooms can double as home office spaces, living rooms as playrooms, or linen closets as overflow storage for home essentials. Trundle or Murphy beds, storage furniture pieces, and organizing bins and baskets can help you transform a space to serve more than one function.

Decorative Baskets and Bins

Decorative storage options allow you to hide items in plain sight. From toys and household essentials to electronics, shoes, or throw blankets, decorative baskets and bins can conceal a variety of belongings. Place them on shelves, under tables, or in closets and cabinets to conceal small or bulky items and maintain a neat appearance.

Find Small Space Solutions with Furniture Source International

At Furniture Source International, we offer a range of furniture and storage solutions for small spaces. From multipurpose furniture to sleek accent pieces and decorative storage options, you’ll find unique offerings at our expansive showroom. And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, talk to one of our designers about creating a custom piece to fit your space like a glove.

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