Choosing a Design Style That’s Right For You

As you step onto our showroom floor, there is no one design that stands out. The pieces Furniture Source International selects or creates come from much more than a singular design style. Our inspiration comes from everywhere, from the movies we watch to the companies who partner with us, and our showroom is a stunning example of how many ways quality and beautiful furniture can be made. That said, it is rare that a homeowner can pull off filling their home with so many different design styles. There are ways to choose a style or two that works best for you.

Gather Inspiration

Inspiration can come from different places. If you are watching your favorite tv show on your mobile device and you keep thinking that you love their dining room table, take a screenshot. If you are looking at a landscape and find the colors compelling, take a picture or jot down the shades you love. If you are walking through our showroom floor and see items you like, from beds to couches, from candles to table lines, picture those in your home. Gathering inspiration from different places in your world can fuel your design. Look at all those pictures together and think about how they would look in your home or a few rooms of your home. Other great places to seek inspiration are your closet, Pinterest, the homes of loved ones, and even well-designed businesses.

It’s Design, Not Marriage

You never have to settle for one specific design style. You can mix and match different elements from your favorite styles in a way that works for you. A farmhouse table would look warm and striking in a modern loft setting. A French antique may look perfect nestled on top of a Danish cabinet. By being true to a design style that you are creating, you can create in a way that makes you happy. What’s more, you can cultivate this design over the years, changing your mind and changing pieces as needed. Many of our heirloom pieces are designed in such a way that they can provide versatility in different rooms and different styles of a home.

Confident Creation

By forming a design style, you are creating. Just as if you were painting or sculpting, you are putting together furniture, textiles, materials, and items that provide functionality and are also something you will look at most days of your life. If you love the pieces you use, you can exude confidence in your creation. If an item has no use or doesn’t bring you joy, it may not have space in your design and should be passed along or used elsewhere. Stepping into every part of your home should be pleasing to you; if it isn’t, there is still work to do on your design plan.

To begin discovering or furthering your own individual design style, amble around our showroom floor at Furniture Source International. By taking time to look around, you are sure to be inspired in big and small ways by design elements in your home. You may find the perfect item to finish the shelves in your guest bathroom or every element needed for your new living room space. Either way, you are sure to find something you love.

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