Decorating Your House for Fall

Fall is here and likely so is the desire for a cozier environment at home! In fact, adding fall accents to our homes to is a great way for us to feel more in the season. With help from Furniture Source International, you will be settling into your favorite chair with a cup of warm beverage in no time.


One of the best ways to spruce up your room, for any season, is to change out throw pillows on your couches, chairs, beds, and even your entry way bench. By choosing colors that bring out fall, you will catch the eye of anyone who comes in. Reds, yellows, oranges, browns, and even some purples are great for an autumn look. You can either choose pillows in each color, or you can choose a single color and vary the patterns that are clustered together.


The warm flickering light of our line of hand poured candles, paired with the comforting scent that will permeate through your home can set the tone for a fall feel in multiple senses. Our candles come in a variety of scents, so you can choose your favorite one. Our high quality candles can fill a room. You may want to pick one or two that complement each other if you are placing one in your guest bathroom as well. These candles are also a perfect house warming gift if you are joining someone else for Thanksgiving instead of hosting yourself.

Floral Touches

In years past, faux flowers were used in moderation as they looked less realistic than people would prefer. As techniques have been updated, our team has procured floral arrangements that look realistic and are less maintenance than replacing your flowers with fresh ones every week. Mix and match different heights, colors, shades, and types of flowers as you build arrangements for every room of your home. When you are ready to switch to a winter arrangement and every season after, these can be tucked away in a storage box until you are ready to use them again next year. We also have assorted glassware and containers that can be used as conventional style vases or one of a kind displays for your new décor.

Outdoor Entertaining

We should take advantage of the temperatures we get to enjoy in the Southern states as summer fades away with as much outdoor entertaining as we can fit into our schedules. If your patio needs updating, we have a variety of choices for outdoor seating, fire pits, and even pieces of furniture that would be well suited for outdoor dining or storage. Being able to extend your home to the great outdoors for months at a time is something our team does to the fullest.

To begin transforming your home for fall, come see our team today. We are busy decorating our showroom for the season as well and can show you how different pieces can be used in multiple ways. You will probably find us tweaking, adjusting, and switching things around when you come visit, and we can make your home feel cozy and comfortable, too.

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