How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space

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Summer is finally here and with barbeques, pool weather, and kids done with their schoolwork, your patio will see a lot of use in the next few months. Patios, decks, and outdoor spaces in general can provide a staging area for fun or can be the central focus for sipping drinks, eating food, and having long evenings of time together. 


Whether you are looking for a place to hide kid toys or somewhere to stash extra pillows for the patio, having some sort of storage outside is an easy way to instantly enjoy your backyard even more. Knowing that our belongings have a home to return to provides a sense of calm. In the right scenario, some of our pieces could serve as this home for your outdoor belongings, and we have multiple options to choose from. Some of our furniture can act as double or triple duty, with storage for items underneath, on shelves above, and a staging area for food or drinks in the middle. 


Color can be a difficult element for homeowners to decide on, even outside. Worry about the right color or shade choice, worry about changing trends, and worry about how much color to add can overwhelm someone into not making a choice at all. Your outdoor design is a great place to add color, not because it doesn’t matter, but because there are so many colors to pull from in a landscape and in summer designs. Adding several pillows, a rug or an umbrella with pops of color can brighten up your space instantly. Choosing two complimentary colors or choosing one color and looking for multiple designs and hues in that color will make mixing and matching easier. A bold choice can be found in our umbrellas to shade you from the sun and in some of our outdoor furniture itself. We carry an entire line of eco-conscious furniture that is made from recycled poly lumber which comes in a number of colors. Additionally, our outdoor rugs, with an appealing pattern or new color, adds depth and can anchor your space together. 

Extra Touches

To enjoy your time outside, it is important to build an experience. Offering drinks like lemonade, with the choice of Puro Verde on the side, can provide refreshment and much needed hydration. By placing these drinks and a snack on a tray, it will be easy to transition from the indoors to the outdoors and will also add a special touch to this time. Adding new pottery for favorite or new plants can be relaxing for you or a learning exercise for someone who is learning about planting. A new light hung from a covered patio is not only useful, but provides a focus for conversation and visual appeal. When dining outdoors or having a buffet of some sort, height in your display makes serving easier and makes your table scape look complete. We have a number of different dishes and trays that can be stacked and layered to accomplish this touch. For your favorite hostess, we have a number of gift items to consider, from tea towels to coaster sets to candles, for when we do gather together again or for a surprise drop off on their front step. 


While summer doesn’t need extra help in keeping us warm, temperature wise, the warmth created around a fire brings an extra layer of memory and focus. While we aren’t sure if it is the crackling sound of the fire as it pops or if it’s the thought that toasted marshmallows are always an option, having a fire pit can provide the ambiance and fun of summer nights. Our showroom has fire pits that match our furniture collections or have designs that stand on their own. If collecting and chopping firewood isn’t in your summer plans, our fire pits are outfitted with a propane tank and BTU burner for ease. By creating additional seating around your fire pit, complete with extra pillows for added comfort, you are sure to spend long evenings in the great outdoors. 


Our showroom is open and we can help you choose the perfect gift, barware, outdoor furniture, or other items. Our team at Furniture Source International looks forward to helping your create your space to fit your needs and tastes. Come by to see us today. 

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