How to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is here and our showroom floor at Furniture Source International is decked out and gleaming from top to bottom. We love decorating and rearranging for the holidays and it seems like there are more ways to decorate, for this time of year and other celebrations, each time we look around. While our team can certainly help you choose an entire new look for your whole home anytime you want to change with the season, we know that isn’t practical or possible for most homes. Instead, we have ideas to help spruce your home for the season while using your existing look.

Pillows and Rugs

We cannot overemphasize the ease at which you can change the look of a single room or your entire home with different pillows and a coordinating rug. You can mix and match seasonal colors like red and green, blue and silver, or any of those with white, or you can choose a single color and mix and match patterns to create depth as your guests settle into their favorite spots on the couch or in your guest bedroom. A new rug can be rolled up and stored alongside other decorative elements and replaced for the next look you are striving for.

New Candles

Stepping into a home is a multisensory experience, from the sights of a new chair to test out to the sounds of your favorite people watching a family movie to the aroma that meets you at the door. While a roasting turkey or baking pie is sure to bring a smile to your face, for the times your favorite chef isn’t preparing something delicious, you can light one of our hand poured candles. They bring a beautiful fragrance and glow to any room in your home.

Special Touches

One of the best parts of seasonal and holiday décor is adding a few special touches into the décor you always love. If you don’t want to pack everything away to switch out for specific items related to the holidays, you can add in little items and pieces that are special for you. Tucking away a new item from our showroom floor or setting out glasses and barware for a shared New Year’s toast, can effortlessly elevate your look without too much extravagance. Another option is to find spots for wrapped gifts for all of your loved ones for a great element of surprise and versatility as the gifts do double duty.

Start with Basics

One of our best tips is to start with the basics for some of your décor and the items you buy for your home. By purchasing a neutral set of dishes, you can change seasonally with a few serving dishes, new napkins, or festive placemats. With an elegant glass vase, you can change silk or real flowers out to match the color palate you’ve chosen or pick items to nestle inside that match your theme. Essentially classic wood furniture or metal framing can be dressed up no matter the season.

If you need help with adding holiday décor to your home or need to find the perfect hostess gift for your next holiday gathering, come see our Furniture Source International team today. Exploring our showroom will allow you to find special touches for your home for this season or the warmer months that are still to come.

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