Monica’s Top Picks for October

Every trip to our showroom is different. Whether we have found new treasures to place on tables around the store or we have procured a new piece that draws the eye as you walk around, the showroom changes. We change the showroom as well, we tweak and adjust and mix items up as the seasons and our preferences change. We may not call our showroom livable, but we would call it an example of a livable space. As such, our favorites change as we discover and rediscover what is new or as something grows on us as we learn about its features.

Holbrook Copper Tables

Some of our pieces and their details take time to be discovered. This is not the case with the Holbrook Copper Tables. Within moments of stepping into a room, even in our showroom when there is much to see, the Holbrook catches the eye. Not only does it catch the eye, but Monica says they provide “an amazing focus in a room”. Whether anchoring many pieces together or attempting to stand out on their own, the hammered texture and beautiful patina are a gorgeous addition to your living room, study, or a family den. What’s more, while not all of our tables come in varying sizes, this design has the added benefit of different scales.

Jaunty Rugs

These rugs are handmade in India of 100% wool that has been handspun and dyed. Artists and craftsmen collaborate together in making each rug as an artist draws out the designs for the craftsmen to create when working the loom with their own hands. Each color is rich, with a variety of textures. From plush and thick pile to sculpted and contemporary sleek profiles or even a knotted texture, each rug has it’s own feel, in many ways. The quality and care that is poured into the creation of every rug is evident.

Golden Rabbit Dishes

These dishes, which we carry in either black or white, are handmade in Indonesia. The company that makes the Golden Rabbit Dishes describes the process of making the dishes by fusing porcelain enamel “into carbon steel at a very high temperature in a kiln” before finishing the dish with a stainless steel trim. By taking the time to go through this process, a strong and versatile dish is made. These dishes can tolerate high heat, so they are safe to move from oven or stovetop or broiler to the table, into the freezer and into the dishwasher when it is time. This versatility paired with the sleek design is perfect for everyday entertaining.

Monica loves these items, but truly appreciates the processes it takes to make these items. With so many items at Furniture Source International being hand made, by artisans and craftsmen who produce usable and beautiful products for the home, our business supports their business and their story becomes ours.

To see these items or to consider another piece we carry, visit our showroom floor today. We have the variety for you to find a new favorite, whether this is your first visit ever or simply your first visit this week. Come see us, today.

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