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With football season upon us and the promise of even more excuses to grill and gather outdoors, many are ready for outdoor time in the fall. A great motivation to gather outside is to refresh the spaces we will be enjoying for the pleasant days ahead. Furniture Source International has the inspiration you need to spruce up your outdoor living spaces, from modern to traditional designs.

Furniture Options

There are numerous choices you can make to completely refurbish your patio with us. From complete table and chair sets, perfect for dining al fresco, to lounging options by the pool, FSI can accommodate your needs. These patio options come in a number of different materials to suit your taste. Combinations of iron, wicker, and canvas mix and match in differing styles and sizes. Of particular note is a line we love to watch customers discover, seeing them sit in a chair or eyeing a table, smiling as they look at the number of color options, and laughing with them as they discover the furniture they love is made of recycled milk jugs. It may be hard to imagine, a high density and pressed material which is eco friendly, but this furniture is amazingly versatile and comes with a lifetime warranty. Better yet, each piece keeps approximately 400 milk jugs out of landfills.

Statement Pieces

Outdoor space is becoming more of an asset to homes. While not quite included as an extra room, they are considered a place where living and entertaining is taking place. In fact, Jack Goldman, president and CEO of the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association, states that”Barbecuing is no longer just a pastime, but an integral part of the North American lifestyle.” As such, in addition to the furniture pieces we show, we also have several statement pieces to add function and style to your patio space. As hot summer nights turn cooler, and eventually into crisp winter evenings, an outdoor fireplace or table with a fire pit built directly into the center is perfect for warming hands and creating an atmosphere where you and your guests want to linger. These outdoor heat sources are crucial for many, with 1 in 10 consumers purchasing one of these items in 2017 according to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association study. Large pottery pieces can be used for décor or for your favorite plants. Umbrellas are crucial to block out the sun and provide welcome shade during the daytime.


When outdoor space is used properly, it isn’t simply a matter of a table and a few chairs. An outdoor space is meant to be an extension of the home, as such, adding special and unique touches to the space is needed. Rugs

provide aesthetic warmth, color, and texture. Pillows provide many of the same components with the added feature of comfort when sitting or lounging. Table-toppers and lights can round out the look of a space, similar to inside living. Additionally, we have many items that can transition well from inside use to outside use, including serving trays, dish towels, ice buckets, and plates of various kinds.


We can outfit your backyard barbeque or gathering of friends in more ways than the furniture you sit on or the pillows you lean against. Our showroom has a number of bar pieces to round out that portion of your outdoor entertaining or to put a cap on your day. From mugs to pitchers to shot glasses, whatever the beverage of choice may be, we have quality barware with unique characteristics not found in every home. We also manufacture our own premium organic tequila, Puro Verde, providing a clean and delicious addition to your favorite mixed beverages.

Furniture Source International has a number of options for you to see, from complete sets for your patio to a few finishing touches to make your table feel complete. Stop into our showroom today or contact us for the opportunity to see more.


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