Spruce Up Your Patio for Springtime

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The sound of children laughing and playing in a sprinkler, hair dripping water as they run over for a drink and beg for a popsicle. The smell of dinner prepared nearby, meat and vegetables gaining perfect grill marks. All around, color and textures change as the hanging sun falls lower in the sky. Time with those you love, memories being made in the simple aspects of being outside, together. Furniture Source International knows that the extension of a home can easily go through the backdoor to your patio and to the yard beyond and now is the perfect time to spruce up your patio for spring and summertime memories. In fact, now is an opportunity to create a safe haven in your backyard by custom designing your own getaway and oasis. 

Texture and Color

The outside is already vibrant with color and texture, why wouldn’t this be played up in the materials you use to decorate your outdoor living space as well? Choose a few coordinating colors or mix and match patterns in a similar color palette to provide interest to your space. Obvious choices would be in cushions for furniture, rugs, and throw pillows. We also have other ways to add color, from umbrellas to the furniture itself. One of our favorite patio items is made from recycled milk jugs and has dozens of colors to choose from while being stylish and comfortable. Texture is an often forgotten component of design, but one that adds depth and interest to any setting. By exploring alternate fabrics, mixing and matching a few different patio pieces, and looking for different materials for display objects, you can achieve a more complete aesthetic.

Form and Function

Your patio should truly be a reflection of you and your needs. The foodie in your group may want a large outdoor cooking space and a table to sit friends and family for feasts. The social butterfly may focus towards future gatherings and create groupings of furniture for intimate conversations that linger well into the night. The “fun house” with children of all ages may have several different patio areas to include an outdoor fire pit and games. Still others may combine several different ideas. Thinking of what fits your needs will help hone your choices as you choose how to spruce up your space. As with any redesign or furniture purchase, have an idea of the scale and size you want to fill. Real Simple reminds us, “fewer, larger items make a small space feel bigger, and packing in lots of products and small accents will make an area look cluttered.” 

Comfort and other Considerations

Furniture and accent pieces shouldn’t simply be things that are visually stunning; instead they should be usable and comfortable. While there may be times after yard work or when doing a quick task outside, you may only want to sit for a minute or two, but much of our outdoor time is planned with a longer time span. The more comfortable you are, with supportive and well-made furniture, the more enjoyment your space will give you. This will also prevent you looking for new pieces every year, allowing for sustainability from a solid purchase. Additionally, because we want your space to be usable, think of the accent pieces that will support your time outside. While you may not want to store a set of barware outside, by having a designated tray or glassware, you won’t be scrambling for something to serve yourself (and your eventual guests). It also never hurts to have a one of our hand poured candles or a bottle of our Puro Verde Organic Tequila on hand as well!

Our team at Furniture Source International is passionate about creating spaces, indoors and outdoors, for others to live in and enjoy for years to come. By contacting our team, we can help you discover what furniture and décor is best suited for your home. Ask us about our virtual visits to see possibilities from home as well. 

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