Brand Spotlight: Golden Rabbit Dishes

Partnering with other businesses has been an enjoyable part of our expansion as we grow and discover more brands we love and want to carry on our showroom floor. By looking for brands with similar values, characteristics, and styles, we can bring a more complete look to what we make and procure ourselves. Golden Rabbit Enamelware has been a natural extension of that idea.


Golden Rabbit Enamelware is highly functional and sophisticated, making it the perfect addition for any kitchen, as an entire set or as a few select accent pieces for your table. The durable enamelware can go directly from the oven to your table to the dishwasher making it an extremely functional dish for families and individuals of all types. Additionally, each dish features a unique stainless steel rim which adds strength and a touch of class. The exterior of the dishes are fused porcelain making them non-stick. While you may not be able to microwave in or on your Golden Rabbit dishes, you will be able to reheat on the stove or in the oven, warming your meal evenly and enjoying it a short time later. 

Why we love it

Golden Rabbit dishes are hand forged in Indonesia. This family owned business thoughtfully designs dish patterns of all types. Furniture Source International carries the black and white dishes for a timeless, all season approach to setting the tables on our showroom floor. By adding colorful chargers or patterned table linens, it is easy to dress up these solid colors. Golden Rabbit is confident their dishes are among the best and insist on “third-party testing to ensure [their] products are always absolutely food-safe and extremely durable.” They want your home to feature the products they would serve their own meals on, much like Furniture Source International’s commitment to quality. 

Additional Benefits

Not only can you bake and serve on these dishes, but they are refrigerator and freezer safe. The process of making Golden Rabbit Enamelware is so honed in on strength, that cutting on the dishes won’t damage your plates either. The enamel with carbon steel forged into the dishes is strong enough to tolerate the high temperatures of broiling and being used directly on your grill. This versatility is functional, but each design is beautiful and classically stylish. These dishes, especially the ones we carry, can be used in multiple settings, making them usable for decades to come, no matter what styles and trends change over the years. The durable and high-quality finish is meant to either be hand washed or dish washed, but show care when soaking as the metal rim could produce rusting with prolonged contact to water. Even if an accident occurs, like dropping and chipping your enamelware, the exposed metal is food safe and you can still use your dishes like normal. 

To add a few dishes to your upcoming holiday table settings or to mix and match with a few other pieces we carry, come see us today. Our showroom offers just a hint of the ways your home can use what we carry and putting your own touches on it will make it even more special. 

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