Brand Spotlight: Jensen Outdoor

Say what you will about the weather in the south, but the truth is, our outdoor spaces are more usable throughout the year than we sometimes give them credit for. Especially as we move into the fall months where each drop in temperature means more time outside. To truly enjoy time in your outdoor space, whether it is the backyard patio or the porch in front of your home, Jensen Outdoor has a place for you to settle down and be comfortable.

Who is Jensen Outdoor?

In one word, Jensen Outdoor can be thought of as sustainable. Both as a long standing company and as one that is devoted to an eco-friendly and high quality product for every one of their customers. Based in Virginia, Jensen Outdoor crafts luxury wood furniture while protecting forests through their unique sourcing techniques. They are one of the few companies that is FSC Certified through their commitment to minimizing their harvest from special sources for Ipe wood in Bolivia. Just like Furniture Source International is focused on heirloom pieces to be used for generations, so is Jensen Outdoor. The outdoor furniture you choose will not need replacement next year, but can be passed along to your children in their future home.

Jensen Outdoor’s Offerings

Not only does Jensen Outdoor promise a piece that can be handed down, but they also promise a piece that will grow in depth as the years pass. The Ipe hardwood holds up well to the sun and, instead of fading, will become enhanced with a silver patina. Other pieces may combine this Ipe hardwood with fibers and fabrics that are rich and luxurious, creating contrasting textures for comfort and beauty. Chairs come in multiple sizes and configurations and tables are offered from small side tables to full dining sets, depending on your unique outdoor needs.

Care for Your Products

One of the beautiful parts of the Ipe wood used by Jensen Outdoor is the grace with which it ages. Some may choose to allow the sun to transition the wood to a rustic and silvery look, while maintaining the smooth quality and comfort of its creation. Others may prefer to restore the Ipe after some time to the original chocolate brown color through several cleaners and after care kits. Either way is up to the individual. For regular care, an occasional wood shield can be helpful and regularly dusting off dirt and debris is always encouraged. If you do not have a wood cleaner to remove harder stains, mild dish soap and water can do in a pinch. The fibers and fabrics used in some furniture can be cleaned by brushing off dirt and debris and using mild dish soap and water as well. Their rich and vibrant colors should hold up well against the elements.

Our Furniture Source International showroom floor carries several pieces of Jensen Outdoor that are ready to come to your home, elevating your dinner parties, morning coffees, and afternoon playdates outside for years to come. To see these pieces or to consider how else we can outfit your space, come see us today.

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