Brand Spotlight: Jaunty Rugs

On our travels, both for Furniture Source International and for our own enjoyment, we see artisans hard at work, perfecting their craft, and passing skills down to the next generation. We wish we could work alongside them, learning how to throw pottery or weave patterns into rugs. Since we don’t have an unlimited amount of time for travel or for learning, we rely on partnerships with other companies, like Jaunty Rugs, leaning on their expertise and beautiful work.

About Jaunty

Jaunty Company is an American company founded in 1979 and has since expanded across the United States. While they partner with a number of manufacturers, each one is carefully vetted to ensure that no child labor is used in the creation of their rugs. Ethics and standards are crucial to the Jaunty name at every step of the production line. Each rug takes weeks to create by skilled artisans, and their diligent work shows in the final product. Wool is the primary fiber used in the rugs, with smaller amounts of viscose, hemp, and polyester used for certain effects like a shimmer.

Jaunty Collection

Every rug is handmade, tufted, woven, and hand-knotted, which shows in the quality of the rugs on our showroom floor. Designs are chosen and developed in fashion-forward patterns and colors to ensure your home or office can find a match in their collection. Some rugs are created from designs that are used in higher volume production, others are one-of-a-kind pieces, more akin to works of art than a floor covering. The wool used is very durable and of high quality, with an elegant sheen and beautifully saturated colors. Over 300 different rugs are made by this team, all varying in colors and patterns, from elegant scrollwork to clean lines. You’re sure to find one you love that fits your aesthetic!

Quality and Care

Jaunty rugs are made from premium wool which makes their care unique. Wool is naturally stained and crush resistant and is also naturally flame retardant according to Jaunty. A light vacuum from time to time should be all these rugs need, unless a spill takes place. Then spot clean with a damp cloth as soon as possible. For any rug in your home, rotate the rug every few months so wear takes place evenly, although you will see this less with the quality wool and craftsmanship of these items. The colors and patterns are so versatile, you may find yourself naturally rotating the rug as you use it in different rooms and with different setups of your home.

To see the quality work of Jaunty Rugs, come visit our showroom today. We have a number of rugs for you to consider in addition to the number of couches, chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces for your home or office. We can let you amble around as you discover all we have to offer or help provide a little guidance if you have something specific in mind.

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