From Showroom to Your Room: Kitchen

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The kitchen, or the ancient equivalent of, has always been an integral part of the home. From gathering around in the warmth to enjoying the smells of your favorite dishes to toasting in celebration with loved ones, it’s easy to see why people mingle and are instinctively drawn to the kitchen. Helping to add special touches to your kitchen from our showroom selection is one of our favorite ways to spend our day and there are numerous ways we can do just that.

Tables and Chairs

While not every kitchen has the footprint to accommodate a table and chairs, many do have an eat in element, a nook, or nearby open space. We love to mix and match the different tables and chairs we have in our showroom, especially in mixing different stains and materials to provide depth in what may sometimes be an overlooked element of décor. Taking the mix and match concept a step further, some of the pieces on our showroom floor can even coordinate well enough that the chairs surrounding the table may be paired together from different sets. Whatever your aesthetic may be, you can be assured that each of our pieces will withstand generations of family gatherings, even those loaded down with food, conversation, and memories.

Storage Pieces

We’ve written before about the open bookcases, wall units and armoires that line many walls of our showroom, but one of the favorite ways we encourage those looking for additional storage to think about an armoire in replacement of building cabinetry. These substantial pieces offer ample and versatile storage and display because of the functionality built into their design. With adjustable shelves, you can alter based on your overall needs from housing cookbooks or dishes. Other pieces that may be thought of as pieces for entryways or as consoles can be used as sideboards or low cabinetry, achieving storage and workspace in one piece. With either of these solutions, the warmth and character of the piece will shine through as the salvaged wood is mixed with hardware of our own choosing. 

Everything Else

A kitchen is much more than just cabinetry and appliances and we have multiple options for serving and dining on our showroom floor. We have trays that can be used to serve drinks, to display favorite foods, or to organize small pieces that are frequently in use for the cooks in your home. The ways we can put the finishing touches on your kitchen are not limitless, but are extensive. From cream and sugar sets to serving utensils to barware, our showroom can fill the extra storage your home has with a design that will withstand trends and fashions that pass through the years. Even textiles are covered with a selection of washcloths and towels that can be used to decorate when not in use and are even a perfect choice for a hostess gift when joining someone else’s kitchen for the evening.

Our showroom is open and ready for you to visit. We would love to see which part of your home we can help outfit and have options for many designs, tastes, and in reference to scale. Come see us today. 

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