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From Showroom to Your Room: Kitchen

The kitchen, or the ancient equivalent of, has always been an integral part of the home. From gathering around in the warmth to enjoying the smells of your favorite dishes to toasting in celebration with loved ones, it’s easy to see why people mingle and are instinctively drawn to the kitchen. Helping to add special touches to your kitchen from our showroom selection is one of our favorite ways to spend our day and there are numerous ways we can do just that.

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From Showroom to Your Room: Outdoor Patio

One of the aspects that we enjoy about furniture is the fact that, for most of us, our clients included, furniture involves life. Whether sitting together on a sofa or at a table or finding a perfect nook for your favorite book or photograph, furniture is frequently a part of our day-to-day. This day-to-day carries from the inside to the outside with a patio, porch, or some other similar space. Furniture Source International has a number of options, visible from the moment you arrive at our store, into the depths of our showroom space.

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Sofas vs. Sectional

With a variety of choices on our retail space floor, we boast of dozens of options on any given day for seating in your living room, family room, or other similar space. Often, we focus on options that are geared aesthetically, like upholstery prints or solids, leather hues, and rounded or squared cushions. We must stress the importance of thinking about your needs beyond those aesthetics, and considering something much more foundational, the structure of what will be perfect for your home. At Furniture Source International, we believe, the first question you should be asking yourself is what works best for your space and needs: opposing sofas, a traditional sofa, loveseat, chair orientation, a sectional, or something else!

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How to Prepare for a Trip to our Showroom

We take pride in the concept that no trip to our showroom is ever the same. Our pieces are continuously rotated through our inventory as it arrives to us from our factories and is taken home to the families and clients we love to serve. Even items that may spend a little time on our showroom floor have a dynamic life within our building as we play with and tweak the arrangements and layout of how furniture is purposed. Is there a way to prepare for a trip to our showroom? There are a few ideas to keep in mind.

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From Showroom to Your Room: Home Office

The home office has been a dynamic place in the existence of homes for centuries. Through the years an individual may move a stack of papers from a shelf to a communal table or they may have a larger desk if their wealth and square footage allowed it. Home offices may double as guest rooms, workout rooms, or storage spaces. They may be the sole place of work for someone who works from home or a place used intermittently by multiple members of a household. Whatever the case, a home office should be a place that offers a balance between comfort and support, between style and function, and Furniture Source International is well equipped to do just that.

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Bringing Market Home with You

Inspiration comes from a number of sources, in any aspect of our lives. The world around us is rich with color, texture, and even aesthetic design. Likewise, inspiration at Furniture Source International is found in our daily lives, both in a deliberate way and accidental as well. This continued saturation of inspiration leads to a unique and dynamic provision for what we make and carry in our store.

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FSI’s Hidden Treasures: Clearance

It is no secret how much we love our showroom. We love the way it changes on a regular basis as items are purchased for homes or offices, as new items find their way to us, or as we mix and match new looks. But nestled amongst the couches and beds, the tables and sideboards, and accessories that we hope complete your home is a set of stairs. These stairs lead to an area not as often visited by customers, but should perhaps be a destination during each visit with us. Our upstairs houses one of our hidden gems: our clearance items.

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Leather Artisans

Furniture Source International is proud of the reclaimed and solid wood furniture we make, but our abilities extend far beyond wooden case goods pieces and accessories. One material we especially love is genuine Italian leather, found on our upholstered sofas and chairs made in Italy, available at both our retail and wholesale level. We work with a family owned southern Italian upholstery manufacturer to offer exclusive sofas, love seats, chairs and sectionals, even Italian engineered motion reclining options to offer the perfect compliment to your home.

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The Artisan Difference

Core to the pieces that Furniture Source International carries and sales, regardless of their size, is the unique qualities each piece possess. Rather than focusing on fabricated, out of the box items, we seek out to manufacture, wholesale, and retail items with character. The individual story and fingerprint each item holds depends greatly on the materials and purpose for which we have curated them.

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