Sofas vs. Sectional

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With a variety of choices on our retail space floor, we boast of dozens of options on any given day for seating in your living room, family room, or other similar space. Often, we focus on options that are geared aesthetically, like upholstery prints or solids, leather hues, and rounded or squared cushions. We must stress the importance of thinking about your needs beyond those aesthetics, and considering something much more foundational, the structure of what will be perfect for your home. At Furniture Source International, we believe, the first question you should be asking yourself is what works best for your space and needs: opposing sofas, a traditional sofa, loveseat, chair orientation, a sectional, or something else!

What is the seating needed for?

Is your entertaining style along the lines of coffee with a few adult friends or more likely to be snuggling with kids while watching a movie? Do you need the structure of back support while you read or a place to kick up your feet and lounge at the end of the day? A sectional usually lends itself more to lounging and family or friendly gatherings, especially in regard to the corner seats. Many adults prefer a more designated space than a corner seat allows when socializing in someone else’s home. A couch can provide this designation, but doesn’t allow for as many people to lounge together at the same time.

How many people are sitting regularly?

This question goes hand in hand with the above thinking. If you are single, have a small family or rarely entertain in your home, you may choose a smaller loveseat with a few chairs. Conversely, if you are a couple with multiple children, you will want space for everyone, most days. If your entire family is using the living space, there should be adequate seating for everybody.

What is your designated space?

Any decision needs to literally fit in your space and this goes beyond simply measuring the footprint of your room. Consider access to doors, windows, outlets, a fireplace, and built in storage. Some spaces simply don’t allow for a sectional, which tend to be a little larger. Other spaces cannot accommodate two couches and will have to consider a couch and small chairs. Be thoughtful with potential layouts and bring your measuring tape.

Do you like moving furniture or adapting your space?

A sofa or couch with a few chairs that can be rearranged or moved from room to room is great for the homeowner who is constantly tweaking their space. If family is coming over with several small children, maybe a chair or two is moved to a bedroom to create a larger play area for the kids. If a couple were coming over for a game night, arranging two comfortable chairs across from a couch would function well. Having nimbler pieces allows for this movement and fluidity. 

What are your aesthetics?

Maybe a sectional truly is the best functional choice for you, offered with or without discreet motion seating. Perhaps opposing larger sofas with coordinating accompanying pieces, like an armchair or two, you can arrange furniture to meet your needs as they evolve. 

Could a combination work for you?

This is a great way to consider designing your living room seating. For smaller rooms, you may wish to inquire about smaller scaled pieces or an arrangement with fewer pieces, like a sofa and two chairs. For larger spaces, the options may be greater, but both situations are equally fun to work within! 

Our team at Furniture Source International can assist you in thinking through these questions all while testing and sitting in multiple options we provide. We have something to fit the taste and needs of almost everyone and can adapt certain pieces to be the perfect item you have been looking for. Visit us today and see what we have to offer. 

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