From Showroom to Your Room: Home Office

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The home office has been a dynamic place in the existence of homes for centuries. Through the years an individual may move a stack of papers from a shelf to a communal table or they may have a larger desk if their wealth and square footage allowed it. Home offices may double as guest rooms, workout rooms, or storage spaces. They may be the sole place of work for someone who works from home or a place used intermittently by multiple members of a household. Whatever the case, a home office should be a place that offers a balance between comfort and support, between style and function, and Furniture Source International is well equipped to do just that.

Storage and Shelving

Not every home has space for wall-to-wall shelves filled with antique and unique first edition books, but most homes have a large need for something resembling just that. Our cabinetry, wall units, and hutches can fit this need. With multiple choices for style, coloring, and scale, these solid wood pieces have ample storage without compromising the perfect design implemented in each. Notches are built into each portion to allow for adjustable shelving making the storage adaptable to meet the needs of the owner and allowing for a change in the future, if needed. Some larger units have companion pieces to provide additional storage, both inside and on top, in a different part of the room while matching the overall aesthetic. While many find what is on our showroom floor to be the perfect complement to their home’s needs, occasionally we find clients who would like to mix and match the design features we select, wanting a custom piece or set made exclusively for them. With the allowance of time, we enjoy partnering with others to discover what can be created.

Writing and Working

We have several choices for tables, some desk-like in nature and others more suited for a boardroom style office or a schooling setting for families who work on education in their own home at different times. Even a single person may choose to select a larger table, more often found in a dining setting, simply to have the space to spread out their papers, materials, and work as it fits their style better. The sheer number of tables we create often surprises people, with a variety of choices for stains and different sizes of legs and pedestals for the tables to sit on. There are multiple options for chairs to match each table as well, while we pair certain items together, it’s not infrequent that we alter the entire look of a table simply by transitioning a new set, or even half a set, of chairs, bringing a fresh approach.

Reading and Relaxing

Offices aren’t limited to storage and writing; in fact, many enjoy a functional sitting area for reading, reflecting, or even certain phone calls that need the privacy of their office setting. Whether you have the space for a full couch or for only an armchair, copious amounts of time could be spent in our showroom, trying the options to match your needs. With leather and upholstery selections, in almost every style imaginable, with the option to have something custom made, it may not take long to find the perfect fit. It’s no matter if you desire something plush and comfortable or something structured to provide the support you need for work. 

To peruse through our ample selection, to fully furnish your home office or to find the perfect piece to complement what you have already done, come visit our showroom. We would love show you around and discuss the furniture we have a passion for, finding something for you to take home today.  

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