How to Prepare for a Trip to our Showroom

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We take pride in the concept that no trip to our showroom is ever the same. Our pieces are continuously rotated through our inventory as it arrives to us from our factories and is taken home to the families and clients we love to serve. Even items that may spend a little time on our showroom floor have a dynamic life within our building as we play with and tweak the arrangements and layout of how furniture is purposed. Is there a way to prepare for a trip to our showroom? There are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Take measurements

If you are interested in purchasing a specific piece or two, you need to know if you have the room to fit different items. While it does happen, it is rare for a person to design a room or home’s dimensions around a specific piece of furniture. It is better to be prepared with the measurements of where you envision a piece residing, at least for a little while. And if the piece you love doesn’t meet the dimensions you are seeking, speak with one of our valued staff members, many of our items can be reproduced at a different scale or they may already know of a piece tucked away, waiting for your discovery.

Take pictures

If you are looking for a piece to complement an existing set up, this is especially important. You will want to be able to clearly imagine our furniture in your space and having pictures can help with that. If your room or rooms are a completely blank slate, bring pictures of items and rooms you love from magazines, friend’s homes, and Pinterest. This will help narrow in on an overall look and feel you are trying to accomplish with a purchase.

Bring in colors or materials to match

This may apply to fabric in the form of pillows, rugs, upholstery, or blankets, or it may apply to paint on walls or other pieces. While mixing different colors can provide an interesting aesthetic, you still want the colors to blend and compliment one another. Additionally, by bringing in materials you already have, you can layer different textures with the furniture, hardware, and other items you see on our showroom floor.

Ideal list of needs

Not every person’s home has the same needs and not every piece will fit those unique needs. Instead of guessing if a hutch will work to hide a television and it’s components, bring in the measurements of those items. Instead of assuming that a cabinet will hold books and other treasures, count the number of books and loved pieces you want to display so you are aware of what will be the perfect match. Additionally, don’t forget to give a little wiggle room for growth or expansion, especially when it comes to collections.

Take your time

Our showroom is extensive and wraps around a large part of our building space. Additionally, rather than having a set area for every type of piece, most of our furniture and accessories are displayed as you might in your own home. The unique characteristic of our furniture and other items we sell goes far beyond the outside appearance, it will take time to discover the details that make our furniture. We encourage visitors to sit, to look at options from multiple angles, and to really imagine using the pieces in their own homes. We want these pieces to be items with your family for generations and choosing furniture should take time. 

Our showroom is ready for visitors and our staff is eager to help. We are open six days a week from 10am to 6pm and have a plethora of choices to show you. Come see us or contact us today. 

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